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11 Things to Consider When Starting Your Reiki Practice

How exciting is it when you’re considering starting your own professional Reiki practice or you’re ready to take the next step to help your existing practice grow.

To help you ensure that you create a practice that is not only successful and thriving, but allows you to create a life that you love, I’ve compiled 11 things to consider:


1. Intentions
You need to consider why you are starting your Reiki business. If you are not sure why you are embarking on this wonderful journey, you may end up at in a place you did not want to be.


2. Requirements
You need to see what licensing and insurance requirements there are in your area so you have all of your bases covered before you open your doors.


3. Money and your worth
You need to make sure you have released any limiting beliefs you have around money and your worth. Those blocks around money will make charging for your sessions more difficult and you will not attract abundance in your business.


4. Location, location, location
You need to choose the best possible location for you and your Reiki business. The best location will be one that resonates with your Reiki business and that also meets your financial goals.


5. Client intake
You need to be able to conduct a warm and professional client intake. This is crucial not only for the initial session, but also to help you and your clients monitor their progress so they can clearly see the value of Reiki and your sessions.


6. Communication
You need to know how to perform a Reiki session with clients and communicate with them in a way that helps their healing process progress. I have had many clients who had seen other practitioners, and stopped seeing them. This was not because the sessions were not effective, rather it was because of the way the practitioner communicated with them regarding the session experience.


7. Client relationships
You need to make sure that you take steps after your client has left to stay connected with them so they keep their health and wellness in mind as they go on about their lives. Rather than only having clients come to you when they are in desperate need, you need to create relationships with your clients so that they actively maintain their balance on all levels.


8. Distance sessions
Being able to offer your sessions to clients in person and from a distance will help those who cannot physically be present benefit from your work. Providing distance sessions if you choose, opens up a whole new part of your successful Reiki practice.


9. Sharing this gift
In many cases, your best clients will want to learn Reiki and teaching it is a way to share this amazing gift.


10. Social media
To let potential clients know what you do and where you are located, you need to know how to connect with them online and in-person. Social media and websites help you to create an online presence that attracts clients 24 hours a day. You also want to be able to share your Reiki practice in person to clients who would benefit from sessions.


11. Positivity
Being a business owner can be time consuming as you build your practice and also sustain it. You need to make sure that your business is a positive part of your life and that it helps you create a life that is balanced and that brings you joy.

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