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Short Business Description: Distance Reiki • dealing in healing • you're in the right place
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My name is Michaela and I operate Distance Reiki • Online. I'm a Reiki Master, holistic nutritionist, and claircognizant. At Distance Reiki • Online, we aim to facilitate healing, balance, and abundance in every life that seeks it. Distance Reiki is ideal for those with limited time, ability, mobility, or access. With Distance Reiki, you're always in the right place.

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City/Town: Long Beach, CA
1111 Reiki Healing
Address: 223 Wood Ave
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Reiki for Adults, Children and animals. Distance Reiki available

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Business Phone Number: 7192210155
City/Town: Salida
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Short Business Description: We offer life coaching, energy healing and other consulting services.
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We offer life coaching and coaching specialties, energy healing in several modalities and other consulting services.

Business Phone Number: (320) 444-5589
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City/Town: Willmar
A Hand In Harmony
Address: 142 Fox St
N0R 1B0
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Providing Reiki in person sessions or distance healing.

Business Phone Number: 519-562-9523
City/Town: Cottam
A Life Worth Living Reiki
Address: N5Y 2H2
Short Business Description: Relax, Recover and Rejuvenate!
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Reiki treatments help reduce stress, anxiety, worry and relieve energy blockages.
As a result Reiki can help your body relax from the stresses of the world. When you're relaxed
the body, mind and spirit is better able to handle the mental, emotional and physical aspects of life!
Once you have had a session or two, it is likely that you will want to learn Reiki for yourself.
I offer Reiki classes to learn Reiki level 1 (heal yourself and others) Reiki level 2 (heal yourself, others, and groups
as well as treatments for others over a distance) and Reiki Master/Teacher level.
Contact me for more info on Reiki Levels.

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Business Phone Number: 226-237-6180
City/Town: London, Ontario
A Life Worth Living Reiki
Address: N0M 1A0
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Short Business Description: A Life Worth Living Reiki to help heal, relax, recover and rejuvenate!
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I'm Darrell Riffel, Reiki master and teacher, located near London, Ontario.
I first learned of reiki the practice probably about 20 years ago or so. I have always been into alternative fields of health and wellness for as long as I can remember, though I did not start practicing Reiki until about three years ago.
Health concerns always struck me as something that wasn't being addressed properly. Even being as young as 5 years old, I could see that the medical community knew very little about healing people. Seeing the effects of chemo treatment when I was just a little gaffer was the first flick of the switch that made me stop and question exactly how THIS could possibly be better than the illness!
It was also around this age (probably 6ish) that I discovered that passing souls would stop by and visit me before moving on to their "resting place". This happened many times in my life. This doesn't have much to do with my decision to get into the natural health game, but it does make the concept of people being spiritual beings more of a factual thing than a concept (for me anyway).
Ever since I have been in this body, I have always been around restaurants and food. My parents owned a couple, and when I was old enough I started working in them. I worked restaurant jobs for about 25 years. This, inevitably lead me to learn everything I could about food (and an still learning!). Foods are what help us grow. They make our bodies strong, and can even make us immune to this or that... They can also do the opposite, they can make us weak, sick and even kill us. So what we consume has much to do with our physical, mental and spiritual health. Everything is energy, even food. Take in the beautiful, alive and colourful energy and that's how you'll be!
Okay the long rant is nearly over now...
Energy. This brings us to Reiki! Haha! There are steps in between all these things but I'll spare you the details. I would be surprised if ya made it this far!
So the natural progression it seems, should be onto energy. Everything, absolutely everything is energy! The word Reiki is made of two words in Japanese "Rei" meaning "universe" or "universal life" and the word "Ki" (or chi, in Chinese) meaning "Energy". Thus we have Universal Life Energy.
Reiki is the practice of allowing this energy to freely flow through the body. When Ki is flowing freely the person is well, when it's blocked the person is not well on some level. The Reiki practitioner helps to open the door to let some fresh Reiki air in when needed... To use an analogy. Reiki energy is intelligent and will never do harm. It goes where it is needed. A practitioner needs to be a clear channel for Reiki... I.e. Focused with the mind free of clutter, for Reiki to flow effortlessly through them and to the intended person(s). Anyone can learn Reiki procedure, but it takes dedication to meditation, true intentions and living by the 5 Reiki Principles:
Just for today, Do not anger
Do not worry
Be thankful
Work digillently on yourself
Be kind to every living being.
So as I hope you can see, Reiki is more than just treating aches and pains etc. It is a way of living... A Life Worth Living!

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Business Phone Number: (226) 235-2997
City/Town: Ailsa Craig
Address: 48912
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Short Business Description: Reiki, Quantum Reiki, Energy Medicine Techniques, Guidance
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As a Wayshower lightworker, I use Reiki, Quantum Touch, and other Energy Medicine modalities and tools to help facilitate the healing of your self. I teach Reiki I, as well as other techniques classes such as using a pendulum, channeling, herbalism, crystals, chakras, meditation and the EFT.
I guide others on their ascension path via Reiki and I have such a passion for helping others grow in to who they really are. I would love to guide you on your ascension path and help you uplevel your life!
I offer in-studio as well as some mobile services, and distant Reiki and Quantum Healing sessions as well.

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Business Phone Number: 517-730-2487
City/Town: Lansing
Alessandra Geber – Gokai Terapia Complementar
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I am graduated in Pedagogy and Bachelor in Veterinary Medicine; studying postgraduate Latu Sensu in Ayurveda - Naradeva Shala Institute - Brasil; Master in Reiki Usui and Tibetan System.

Extra trainings:
- Chinese and French Auriculotherapy
- Floral Therapist - Bach Flower
- EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques
- Internation training certified Access The Bars - Access Consciousness
- Training in DEEKSHA - the Awakening of Unity
- Training in Abhyanga - Ayurvedic Massage
- Foot Reflexology.

I offer all my expertise at my clinic. Also I teach Reiki Usui and Tibetan System private or classes.
If you need a appointment, please contact-me at phone or Facebook.

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Business Phone Number: +55 19 98154.9480
City/Town: Campinas - São Paulo - Brazil
Alfa Energy Healing
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At Alfa Energy Healing we offer healing techniques to reduce stress, assist in relaxation and promote optimal health. We are a place for those in need to receive hands-on and distance reiki healings. We are passionate about holistic treatments and work with all levels of treatment needed.

We are conveniently located in South Berwick, Maine, just minutes from major highways, situated on the NH border and just a short drive from MA.

We offer a safe, clean environment to ensure that you feel absolutely relaxed and get the most out of your session as possible.

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Business Phone Number: (603) 970-0177
City/Town: South Berwick
Address: St Kevin's Avenue
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Short Business Description: Reiki (face to face or distant), Crystal Reiki, Reiki for Animals, Oracle Cards
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Reiki (face to face or distant), Crystal Reiki, Reiki for Animals, Oracle Cards, Crystal Elixers, Reiki Sprays, Crystal Grids

Business Phone Number: +61402377121
City/Town: Benowa