Crystal Reiki by Gemma

Crystal Reiki by Gemma
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Reiki is really two words - Rei means Universal and Ki means Life Force or energy. We are all vibrations and energy - vibrational beings. We have these centers in our bodies called Chakras. There are 7 major ones and I can teach you a little about each but basically the Ki - the energy that flows between and around these main Chakras (we have a ton of minor ones too) flows through what are called Meridians in the body - like tunnels energy. Often, with every day life, trauma, illness, emotional - any kind of imbalance can cause a blockage or a disruption in the flow of energy and really knock us off course. Kind of like when you get vertigo because the crystals in your ears get out of whack. A Reiki Master or Cystal Reiki Master (I am both) is NOT a healer. We are simply channels - just like a radio can tune into a frequency for a station - we have been trained and attuned to tune in and connect with the Universal Life Force Energy and act as a conduit for that energy to flow to you to help bring balance to you.
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Then its the Universe that takes over and your body mind draws the Reiki in. Reiki knows no time or space and a session does not need to be done in person for this reason. Distance Reiki is just as effective as in person Reiki.  Then once the energy connection is made your body knows exactly what it needs and through the infinite wisdom of Reiki the energy knows exactly where to go to help you restore and maintain balance within your body. The thing I have found fascinating is that yes while I can help people now here in the present, Reiki is not limited by time or space - we can connect anywhere in the world and perform distance Reiki sessions...Reiki can also be channeled into the past to help release any current blockages arising from a past trauma or to the future to an event such as a wedding.  Reiki is very powerful and it is ALWAYS conducted for the recipients highest good and drawn in by YOUR body through a Reiki Master.

For those of you in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Local  requesting in person treatments, I am a fully Certified and Insured Crystal Reiki Master and Teacher.  A session is usually about 75 minutes total by the time we talk about what to expect and any areas you’d like to specifically address.  I get an intake form filled in a couple hours before the session and bring specific crystals and stones with me personalized to you. Also the intake form allows me to see exactly how you are feeling and an assessment before we begin. That makes tracking progress very easy as it’s all in black and white. People have asked me if they can just meditate to find peace with my crystals and their energy so I try to include a little bit of that too. It’s $95 and that includes a home visit plus the use of the crystals I bring. I prefer to schedule evenings or weekends so it doesn’t interfere with peoples jobs if they work but mainly I like evenings because people feel so relaxed, chill and peaceful after it’s nice if they carry that energy and calmness into a good healing nights sleep.  Also, if any of the crystals I bring really resonate with you I can source one for you to purchase as your own and teach you how to use it. Easiest way for payment is probably a credit card through PayPal. If that’s good for you just let me know and I can send you the link to your email. If you have a recorder on your phone you could record the session as we do talk during it and sometimes things are revealed that you want to listen to over and over.

If you are not local, a distance session takes around an hour and I make a connection between us. I’d need a nice picture of you ideally standing where I can see your face good. Then I can call you and play music. If you could have yourself laying down in a relaxed position, lights low and just peaceful. Maybe burn some incense or a favorite candle. It is $95 then I will also make a crystal grid for you for an aspect in your life that you would like to attract more of so maybe have a think about what that could be. Then I keep your personalized grid up for a week and bless and activate it for your highest good each day.

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  • Crystal Reiki by Gemma
  • Crystal Reiki by Gemma

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