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Facilitating your quest to become more conscious, vibrant and whole.
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Distance and in-person healing sessions are available.

Healer Know Thyself offers healing and training experiences for pragmatic coaches, healers and spiritual teachers who want to explore their inner landscape to gain unshakeable confidence and expand their ability to heal & transform the world.

We work with people who thirst for deeper self-knowledge and who are ready to look within to heal the blocks and restrictions to their creative & manifestation powers. It's where you remember that you are whole, loved and able to connect directly with Divine Source. Strengthened, you develop unshakable self-confidence and take action to fully live your soul's calling.

We work with spiritual healers, coaches and teachers who want to perfect their skills through embodied, experiential learning so they can share their wisdom with passion, confidence and integrity.

Healer Know Thyself offers training and coaching for those ready to embrace their soul purpose, and be a beacon of hope and wisdom to others awakening to their spirit-self. You're at the right place if you're looking to:

:: Embrace your natural intuitive healing abilities;
:: Get unstuck, and get your head, heart, body and soul to work TOGETHER toward your goal;
:: Rise to a better version of YOU -- with less stress and more confidence this will help you be the better mom, partner and business leader you want to be.
:: Understand your hidden patterns and motivations so you no longer sabotage yourself;
:: Feel nourished with deeply transformative experiences;
:: Connect the dots between ancient wisdom, your inner self, and how to unleash your full potential;
:: Discover how to work with tools for self-healing and understanding, such as astrology, mythology, meditation, crystals, Tarot, shamanic journeying, the Akashic Records -- and more!

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