Healing Lotus Reiki Associates, LLC

Healing Lotus Reiki Associates, LLC
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We offer short and long distance Reiki sessions, as well as additional resources on our website to support you on your wellness journey.
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My journey has included the fundamentals of both Western medicine and Eastern spiritual philosophy. With 25+ years of mindfulness and intuitive-based experience deeply ingrained in me, I currently prefer to assist clients on their wellness journeys with ancient healing traditions. However, as a board-certified neurologist, I feel honored to be able to utilize my medical expertise to safely offer alternative methods of healing to those who seek a more inclusive healing experience. Through my offerings, I seek to combine my knowledge of neuroscience with my intuitive abilities to assist my clients in achieving optimal wellness of the mind, body, and spirit. I offer distance Reiki sessions to anyone all over the world. Feel free to check out my website to find additional resources, such as an informative blog, guided meditations (coming soon), and books to assist you in building your own library of supportive references.

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Charlotte, NC

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