Heather A. Dempsey

Heather A. Dempsey
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Hi! Thanks for taking the time to get to know me! I am an Intuitive, Integrative Wellness Coach, 500 Hour YA certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher and Pro Crystal Healer, utilizing modalities that focus on the science of energy, the conscious, subconscious and higher conscious, for deep transformations.

I help individuals who struggle with Anxiety and or Depression, those who Feel Stuck and Unfulfilled and Lacking Self-worth or the ability to see value in themselves due to Trauma or Life Circumstance.

I help them find self-assurance, their core passions, how to bring more of that into their current life or to shift into a completely new one. I feel so strongly about this due to my own past challenges and loss of family members, from their struggles as well.

If this hits home for you, you are in the right place and together, we will Bring Your Vibrant Life Alive. We will combine methods from my certified Holistic, Integrative Wellness Life Coaching, Clear Beliefs Coaching, Canfield Trainer of the Success Principle, Emotion Code & Body Code, Yogic Principles (and maybe practice) and Intuitive Energy Healing methods and find which blend suits you and your needs most. I wholeheartedly believe everyone can create a life that they deeply, truly love and enjoy, they just may need help finding the right tools to build it. Together and with these tools, you will Increase Your Confidence, Self Worth and Self Awareness. Which in turn will Increase Clarity of Passions and how to move toward them. You will Learn the tools that will work best for you to nurture YOU, so you can experience more joy, fulfillment and emotional liberation!

Outside of my passion for my work, I love spending time with my cats, collecting crystals, practicing and teaching yoga, hosting healing Sound Baths, studying and learning new things, traveling and I absolutely LOVE going out to eat!

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