Heather Grey

Heather Grey
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My focus is to help you connect with your higher self so you can live your most authentic life. As a child, I was always able to see and communicate with those who have gone to the other side. Taking this gift into adulthood, I was led to holistic healing through the use of Reiki. I am a certified Reiki Master in Traditional Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki, and Kundalini Reiki. I have used this beautiful gift to heal and teach many.

This journey began in 2017 as I was struggling with anxiety from past trauma, digestive issues, chronic headaches and much more. Western medicine never had a diagnosis for me or ways I could begin to heal myself, and that's when I discovered Reiki. Once I became attuned to the energy, I began noticing shifts in my energy and found that my aliments quickly subsided. For my clients, I work to bring balance into the body/mind center to remove any blockages that could be present. Reiki promotes relaxation by decreasing stress which then allows the body to heal. Reiki treats the whole person and multiple ailments on a mental, physical, and spiritual level.

Being a psychic also allows me to help people heal and sometimes create the closure they need. Working with energy is intricate and intimate. I see aura color(s), deliver messages from spirit, and help anyway I feel led by spirit.

I look forward to working with you.

In love and light,

Heather Grey

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