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Hygeia-Touch is the name of my practice. Hygeia in Greek, as well as Roman mythology, was the goddess of health, cleanliness and hygiene. She was associated with the prevention of sickness and the continuation of good health. Her name is the source of the word "hygiene".

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Since my childhood, I have suffered from migraines, which increased in my adult life. Neither medication nor various therapies brought any relief. I stumbled upon an interview on YouTube in 2019 with Richard Gordon, who talked about Quantum Touch®. It was exactly what I had always imagined - it was THE answer I was waiting for! Shortly afterwards I attended my first Quantum-Touch seminar. I could immediately feel the Life-Force energy. All the exercise sequences with other participants worked extremely well. I had finally found my therapy! In a few months, I was able to heal myself from my lifelong migraine and also from fears, stress symptoms, severe back pain and stomach problems.

I was introduced to Reiki by a friend of mine in 2017 but I did nothing with it. My first Quantum-Touch training was full of expressions of Reiki, which started to stair up interest to this subtle yet intense method of healing. I noticed that I started to be drawn to it. Finally, I made up my mind to go for it. Then the synchronism began, things started to happen, revealing more and more stuff that I needed to see and be aware of. My first Reiki attunement took me into a deeper level of self-awareness, an experience that has brought me here. Now I am here to apply these wonderful methods of healing to others with great enthusiasm.

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