It’s In Your Hands Reiki

It’s In Your Hands Reiki
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The power and gifts of Reiki are in your hands. Jill Rose, Reiki Practitioner | Teacher | Coach specializing in trauma informed / resiliency focused Reiki, Animal Reiki, and Crystal Reiki. In person and distance sessions and classes are available.
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I believe in the value of every individual and recognize the impact of stress, trauma, and oppression on individuals, our community, and our environment. I believe Reiki should be available to everyone, including those who have not previously been able to access Reiki due to financial barriers. Because Reiki has been historically inaccessible to many people, I seek to include those who have been excluded from these services with a focus on accessibility and representation. My practice is dedicated to removing the barriers that have kept, and often still keep, people from accessing Reiki as a tool for balance, healing and spiritual growth.

I seek to work within an anti-oppression framework. I provide services from a trauma-informed framework and work from a social justice and harm reduction perspective. As a member of the LGBTQIA community, and as a white woman who cares deeply about social justice and equity, my vision is to make Reiki accessible to everyone who wishes to experience it. I humbly offer my services particularly to LGBTQIA, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), and nonbinary folx.

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