Reiki On Calder

Reiki On Calder
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Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Ki Reiki Master, Medium and Life Purpose Coach offering Healing & Spiritual Guidance Sessions Worldwide by phone, skype or email.
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Francesca is an Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Ki Reiki Master, Life Purpose Coach & Medium, who offers distance Healing and Spiritual guidance. Reiki healing can be sent over time and space, and will reach you energetically, wherever you are in the world.

How does Distance Healing work ?
All illness, emotional , mental, physical disorders, behaviours, reactions, beliefs, have a subconscious component to them, which create and manifest into our health and world. During a distance healing, the higher self of the sufferer communicates a need to the Healer, to redress a thought or behaviour pattern. Reiki will indirectly send energy to the patients higher conscious, through the organs or chakras, for appropriate distribution. As a Reiki Master, this level allows direct communication between my higher consciousness and the clients. Reiki energy is also sent to the clients higher self. Intuitive information may be relayed to the myself, regarding the underlying cause of the condition, or situations. I also receive visions, feelings and messages from my Master Spirit Guide, who works for the Higher Good of all concerned.
Reiki is The Universal Life energy that is all around us in plants, animals and humans that is constantly flowing. The life force that feeds us just as food and drink nourish us. When this life force is flowing through us it is what keeps us alive and healthy. When it is flowing smoothly we feel good, are grounded, in balance, vitalised, healthy, happy, things are falling into place, we feel good about ourselves.

Unfortunately our life experiences and our reactions to them can interfere with these vibrations and people refer to blockages in the energy within themselves. These we find very hard to remove in order to gain a state of being which is peaceful, content and in harmony with those around us, and our environment and ourselves (our self esteem). In order to heal this disease within ourselves we need to remove these blockages from our energy field that are the result of life experiences and our reaction to them.

Reiki is the use of Universal Life Energy in a healing capacity.

I have certificates in Usui System of Natural Healing, Shinpiden Reiki Master/Teacher, Psychic Development, Intuitive mastery and LIfe Purpose Coaching. I combine all of my certifications to enable a unique session suitable for whatever the client requires, healing, guidance, growth, clarity and tools for the future.

Reiki empowers the receiver to take the next step in their own growth and development, their higher soul purpose. This is usually to redress energy imbalances and activate natural repair mechanisms (and may stimulate the receiver to seek assistance from health care professionals if needed).

The Life energy has its own intelligence and cannot be manipulated, as soon as the energy reaches the recipient it is taken by their higher self and sent to where it is most appropriate.

Healing is not always recovery from physical symptoms, it is a recovery from the disease on the emotional and spiritual level.

The gift of Reiki is to rediscover the love you can have for your yourself and others, and thus discovering that the world can be a positive and loving place to be.

REIKI belongs to all who seek it and desire to use its healing rays.

Reiki cannot be seen but it may be felt or experienced, it is immeasurable, universal and infinite, value yourself enough to allow is healing qualities to remove from your life that which does not serve your highest good.

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+ 61 0468794356

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