Reiki with Ethan Siegrist

Reiki with Ethan Siegrist
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Dear Viewer, thank you for expressing your interest in my practice !

Here is some helpful information about me and my practice for you:

I am a certified Reiki Practitioner and I am currently working on receiving my Reiki Master Certification.
My practice is run as an individual practitioner, not as a business. I treat all my clients with the respect they deserve and assure that they are content with the services being provided.

I have a specialization in Long Distance Reiki Therapy as well as Chakra Evaluations.

Appointments can be booked via telephone or email, (please give at least 24 hours for a response to be given) and hours are set in afternoons Monday through Friday and Mornings/ Afternoons/ Evenings on Saturday and Sunday.

My practice is run from my home address, therefore, when you book your appointment I give you my address as well as the other information necessary for your appointment.

Initial consultations are offered as well, they can be booked the same way and you receive all information about what is offered at my practice. The cost of these consultations are 15.00$. The consultations also serve as a way of determining if you would like to receive Reiki.

Like any other practice in medicine, you personal information is NOT shared at all to anyone.

Please note that Reiki is NOT at any way a substitute for professional medical treatment, it serves as a spiritual guide. Therefore, I do NOT diagnose. Nor recommend that you replace any medical treatment with Reiki. You are responsible for your own well being and it is recommended to also seek other advice by medical professionals if you experience any severe pain.

Thank you again for expressing your interest and I hope you consider booking an appointment with me.


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