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At Re:Zen we exist to ground our selves, soul, mind, and body in the present. Whereas Western Society emphasizes looking outside to fill an internal void, we nurture a space where we can get to the reason behind why we feel disconnected. By rezenning ourselves, we are able to be present and exist in a wholesome, harmonious, and authentic way.
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Here at Re:Zen we believe in a holistic approach to self-healing and realization.

We use Reiki, the universal energy that connects all, to facilitate the reconnection and rezenning of ourselves. We also believe in an empathetic approach where we listen to understand what is the reason behind our guests visiting us, and integrate energy management to ensure that we have the necessary energy to be present and live a wholesome life.

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We are currently hosting our sessions at 8440 Ladner Trunk Road, as well as visiting clients at a location of their preference.
Richmond British Columbia

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