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RELAX, RECONNECT, REMEMBER, REJUVENATE! Hello, Love! Welcome to your healing sanctuary. Located near the world-famous Joshua Tree National Park, our on-site healing studio is a place to find balance and wholeness. Offering contact and contactless reiki, sound bath, herbal tea and tarot, chakra cleansing and balancing, past-life remembrance, soul-retrieval, mediumship (contacting lost loved ones and ancestors), chanting, aromatherapy, crystal healing grids, vocal empowerment, divine activation, and more. We also offer powerful distance healing sessions for those who prefer it. We look forward to sharing our gifts and supporting your healing journey. Many blessings on your evolutionary adventures!
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This healing sanctuary is brought to you by Kamakea Lovestar, who has been practicing the healing arts since childhood. Since 2012, she has focused all of her energy on the healing arts, traveling and learning to perfect and balance her techniques so that they could be shared most effectively.

Lovestar's favorite healing modalities include reiki, sound bath, chanting, aromatherapy, crystal healing, past-life remembrance, tarot/divination, tea ceremony, mediumship (contact with lost loved ones and ancestors), soul-retrieval, shamanic healing (elemental), chakra cleansing/balanding, vocal empowerment, divine activation, ceremonial plant medicine and more.

Kamakea is also an ambassador of plants, who loves to share their stories, songs, and dances. Would you like to learn the language of plants? Using simple meditations, you can learn to speak their language as well! As the first shamans and alchemists of creation, plants are masters at combining the elements to create and support life. They go beyond their own needs and create a space in which other life forms can flourish and evolve. We have so much to learn from these ancient ancestors!

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Desert Gold Drive
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Yucca Valley
  • Joshua Tree Over 500 Years Old!

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