Sara Lawyer Fay LLC

Sara Lawyer Fay LLC
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The business offers one-on-one Reiki sessions to clients and group Reiki classes. Services are offered in person and virtually. The clients are individuals or businesses who contract the services. Pop up events in public spaces (such as farmers markets, state parks).
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About Sara Lawyer Fay:
My desire to connect to nature feeds my relationship with Reiki by offering a clear environment for receptivity. Nature brings space for messages to arrive within my mind. I love observing and absorbing the wisdom of each moment.

Presence is important to me. Being present with one’s mind and body offers profound awareness. This can lead to life changing a-has!

My deep sense of adventure has me facing the tremendous range of change. I continuously put myself in sight of change as the only constant. I know beginnings are also endings. And love is the strongest force of the heart. Solo travel, exploring places where I don’t know the primary language and group trips with strangers have strengthened my relationships with change, mutability and acceptance. I find transformation natural and necessary. I am honored to guide others as they navigate the waters of life.

I have over 10 years of experience practicing Reiki. I find Reiki evolves as I evolve. It is a relationship that changes throughout time. Reiki to me is a transformative, loving force that provides support as needed.

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Serving Southern Maine and beyond.

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