The River Willow, LLC

The River Willow, LLC
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Reiki I & II, Quantum Touch, Crystals, Distance Healing
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Reiki is amazing for Body, Mind & Soul! Reiki is an unlimited supply of energy that flows through everything! This energy can be used for healing & enhancing the quality of one’s life. It can work on all aspects of the body, including the physical, emotional & spiritual bodies.
Body - Reiki can help detox the body, improve sleep, fatigue, help foster healing of tissues & bones, improve pain, stimulate the body’s immune system, lower blood pressure & helps promote overall natural self-healing.
Mind - Reiki can improve emotional wellness & help to improve mood, relieve depression, anxiety, stress, tension & help increase self-esteem, self-love & self-confidence.
Soul - Reiki helps break down energy blocks & balances chakras, aids with your spiritual growth. It can also help increase psychic, intuitive & creative abilities.

I strongly believe in the law of attraction & manifestation. I believe we all have the power within to heal ourselves and to determine the future direction of our lives. Love & Light - Denise

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1528 Zoo Parkway, Suite F
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  • The River Willow, LLC

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