Address: 28 Old Highway Ln
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Short Business Description: Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Essential oils Therapy in a Garden Vineyard setting.
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AQUA ĈIELE ę TÉRRE was born in the high altitude Grasslands of Sonoita located on small hills with beautiful views of the Santa Rita Mountains.
Our micro vineyard and botanical gardens are gifted with monsoon rains, magnificent sky and the red earth for making superb wine.
We follow the philosophy of alignment with nature for the development of our vines, wines, and botanicals.
We provide Reiki Sessions, Crystal Reiki, Plant Base Diet consulting and Essential Oil Therapy.

Business Phone Number: 520-264-8072
City/Town: Sonoita
Hands From The Heart
Address: 86322
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Short Business Description: Reiki Master & Certified Reflexologist
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Inge is a Reiki Master and also is certified in Reflexology. In her native Germany, Inge began studying and gaining experience in Spiritual, Holistic Healing. Currently residing in Arizona, Inge combines healing and herbal products, along with essential oils to help support your inner balance. For the past 40 years Inge has been a care giver for the elderly and infirm.

Business Phone Number: 9288215102
City/Town: Camp Verde
Hayles Hands Mobile Massage
Address: Mobile
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Short Business Description: Welcome to my Hayles Hands – Professional Mobile Massage Services website!! If you’re looking for a professional Massage Therapist, Reiki Master or Crystal Reiki Master, one that comes to YOU, you’re at the right place.

I am trained in a variety of modalities, and you can click on the “Services & Rates” page to learn more about the various techniques I use in my work.

If you’d like to set up an appointment with me, click on “Contact Me” and send me a message. I will call you back to confirm the details of your appointment, and also answer any questions you might have.

Thanks for visiting, have a great day and remember that nothing is so healing as the human touch.

In light,

~Bilal Hayles, LMT, Reiki Master/Teacher

License Number: MT-23728
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I was unaware that as a child, my journey in to Massage Therapy would begin when I was in my teens, entering in to the practice of martial arts. From the disciplines of Tae Kwon Do, Combat Hapkido, Wing Chun and Tai Chi Chuan, I gained an understanding not only to basic body movement and range of motion, but to the understanding of energy (Chi), and energy flow. Adding to this my education as a Physical Training Leader (PT Leader School) while serving in the Army has also given me insights, discipline and motivation to provide the best service to my clients with professional integrity, pride and dedication to the craft.

To find balance, Massage Therapy was a natural progression. It enabled me to combine all of my knowledge and practice in to providing a soothing and relaxing full body treatment for my clients.

As a Reiki Master/Teacher, I also offer Reiki and Reiki Massage Therapy Sessions as a step on the path to complete wellness. Whereas Massage Therapy addresses treating the body through manipulation and muscle work , Reiki typically requires barely any touch, is non-invasive, non-manipulative and energy based.

As a Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher, I offer treatments that use Crystals during Reiki Sessions which will help the healing and energy balancing. This laying on of stones, is designed to release etheric, emotional, mental or spiritual blocks to well-being, and will speed up the healing process.

As an advanced student of Reiki, I am also certified as a Karuna Ki Reiki Master. Karuna Ki is called the compassionate healing energy. An umbrella to Usui Reiki, the purpose of Karuna Ki is to connect to the heart of all there is and use that source to heal everyone and everything in the Universe.

I am also skilled at assessing clients and business needs, recommending strategies that enhance efficiency with regard to massage techniques and protocols as well as maximize company growth and production, implementing viable solutions for my clients.

In light,

~Bilal Hayles, LMT, Reiki Master/Teacher

License Number: MT-23728

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Business Phone Number: 1-520-485-8LMT
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City/Town: Tucson
Address: 3231 N. Fuller Dr.

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Short Business Description: Certified Reiki Master/Teacher offering Reiki sessions using crystals. Classes offered for all levels of Reiki. I offer sessions for people and large and small animals.
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Please see my Reiki facebook page at Mountain Peace Reiki. I not only see clients at my Reiki studio but I also volunteer at Banner Hospital in Payson AZ giving Reiki sessions to patients, nurses, doctors, family members and staff of the hospital.

Business Phone Number: 2623892609
City/Town: Pine
MUSE Esthetics
Address: 7830 E. Redfield Rd., Ste. 3
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To inspire, educate and help make a positive change in the health and well-being of others. When one understands and makes the connection between their mind, body and soul, then they are able to discover the true beauty, strength and balance that exists with their soul. We all have the power to love and live as our best and true self. It all begins on the inside. It all begins with you. My passion is in helping people discover that truth within themselves.

City/Town: Scottsdale
Shari Hill Reiki
Address: 2050 W Turtle Dove Lane
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Short Business Description: Hands on or hands off Reiki. Animal Reiki, Natural Healer.
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I can tell you from my deepest heart, that Reiki has saved my life in more ways than one! it has helped me manage chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, insomnia and a life long battle with anxiety. Reiki has transformed the way I look at and relate to all beings on this planet. It has brought me inner peace and calm. It has opened my heart to the world around me, always from a grounded and centered place, each and every day. I have a long history of helping friends and animals by the laying of hands healing energy. I left the corporate world to do what I have been called to do in a larger sphere. My passion and mission in this life is to share Reiki with others and with animals of all species.

I understand that sometimes it can be difficult to see a practitioner during a busy work day or week. I offer early morning and midafternoon as well as weekend appointments to help balance, ground and help start your day off with a positive, energetic attitude before that early meeting, deadline or final.
I also offer Distance Reiki. You can receive the session from the comfort of your own home or wherever you choose and can be effectively performed from any distance.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 520-245-5944
City/Town: Oro Valley