1111 Reiki Healing
Address: 223 Wood Ave
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Reiki for Adults, Children and animals. Distance Reiki available

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City/Town: Salida
Balance in focus
Address: PO Box 386
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Short Business Description: Reiki – in person and distance, Massage and Coaching, Workshops and Reiki Level 1 & 2 Classes.
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My name is Marianne Stenhouse and I am a Reiki master, massage therapist and a licensed clinical social worker. My focus is to work with the whole person; mind, body and spirit. Reiki has been powerful and extremely meaningful to me both personally and professionally and I find my focus moving more towards this specialty every day. I provide in person Reiki sessions as well as distance sessions. I teach Reiki Level 1& 2 classes as well as workshops in mindfulness, self-care reiki practices and personal growth.

Business Website Address: website: Balance in Focus, LLC
Business Phone Number: 720-564-6283
City/Town: Boulder
Reiki is energy
Address: 80906
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Short Business Description: Hands on/off Reiki practitioner in Colorado Springs. Providing mobile Reiki. Yes- I come to you.
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Reiki is a spiritual healing art discovered by a Japanese Monk. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) “Universal Life” and (Ki) “Energy”. Reiki is not affiliated with any religious practice. Reiki is a subtle yet very effective form of energy. Everything is energy and Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things. When our energy is free-flowing and strong we are healthy and vibrant. When our energy is blocked or stagnant imbalances in our spiritual, mental and physical body often occurs. Reiki aims to treat these imbalances so energy is able to flow freely and balance is restored.

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Business Phone Number: 719-421-8222
City/Town: Colorado Springs
Inspiration Haven
Address: 1517 Main St.
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Short Business Description: Enhancing quality of life with energy work, essential oils and therapeutic recreation
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Hi there! My name is Amber. I’ve been a recreation therapist serving individuals with disabilities for over 10 years. I discovered reiki early in my career through a wonderful volunteer who spoke almost no English. Although I had no idea what it was at the time, I couldn’t help but appreciate how the soothing, healing energy made me feel. About a year after my initial introduction, I was reintroduced to reiki during and after thyroid cancer treatment in 2008. I found it supremely beneficial in helping me cope with the physical and emotional impact of the disease and left it at that. Reiki didn’t find me again until 2013 when I was assigned as a room monitor for a continuing education course featuring energy healing and included a reiki level 1 attunement. I needed the credit so I accepted the invitation to participate in class. Little did I know what I was in for. The experience was hardly to be described. I was hooked! I contacted the instructor and took my level 2 about 6 weeks later. The following year, I received my master level attunement and in 2017 I became certified in crystal and Karuna reiki. I love the deep impact energy healing has on the entire being (mind, body, spirit). Every day I feel so grateful for the blessing this healing modality has been in my life and the lives of my clients. I deeply respect the sacred space in which clients can release whatever binds them, free of fear and judgement. I appreciate my client’s trust and am honored beyond words to support and serve. Many blessings to you!

Business Phone Number: 720-281-5003
City/Town: Strasburg
Marianne Stenhouse – Balance in Focus
Address: PO Box 21183
Boulder CO
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Short Business Description: Marianne Stenhouse, MSW, LMT, Reiki Master
Reiki, Massage, Workshops and classes.
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Marianne is an experienced Reiki master, Massage therapist and MSW. She has worked. I provide individual and group distance Reiki either in-person or distance. I teach numerous classes and workshop including. Reiki certification classes, self-care workshops, Reiki meditation/practice sessions and more.

Business Website Address: Balance in Focus
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City/Town: Boulder
Address: 161 East Saturn Drive; Unit 1
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I work with individuals who wish to improve their quality of life in the areas of emotional development/mental health, and spiritual development through the use of individual sessions. I also provide occasional week-end retreats which also address emotional development, mental health and spiritual growth.

Business Phone Number: 970-402-6377
Business Fax: 970-419-4700
City/Town: Fort Collins
Address: Herb and Legend, 1100 E Evans Ave
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Short Business Description: The world offers us many external tools to satisfy our search for happiness yet it’s often temporary and leaves us in a constant state of restlessness and comparison. Kate, founder of Yogicake has found much freedom in using the tools of Reiki to understand herself on a deeper level and heal the root cause of suffering in her life. She’s found much freedom and happiness in her life through a consistent Reiki practice.
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In 2015 Kate dove into a 200 hour Yoga teacher training program through CorePower Yoga. It was in a Yoga class during this training where Kate learned about the ancient practice of Reiki. Her curiosity was heightened and she completed a level 1 attunement (training) from Reiki Master, Michelle Shea Walker (MSW) in Chicago. Within the same year she completed her level 2 attunement with MSW and the following year she completed her Master certification through Reiki Master, Lisa Powers. Kate’s natural gifts of energy healing and intuition were now evident to her and she continued to learn all she could to help herself and others heal from past trauma, cycles of addiction and old belief systems. In doing so she recovered from her own burnout and knew she must share this energy with others. Her learning continued and in 2018, she completed an Akashic Records attunement through Sat Nam Yoga in Chicago. Because she believes that self growth and inquiry make for a beautiful life experience her learning continued through various trainings including, crystal Reiki master, certified animal Reiki practitioner, Tarot reading and space clearing. Kate holds a BS in Exercise Science and is working on a formalized Meditation teacher training through the Natura Training Institute. She can also be found teaching Yoga classes throughout the Denver area.

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City/Town: Denver