Distance Reiki Practitioners (Online)

Address: 2 Barnfield Cottages
GU34 3RH
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Hypnotherapist, lifestyle/holistic coach, speaker, meditation guide, Reiki Master and trainer.
I help people create the life of their dreams by clearing, healing and guiding.

Business Phone Number: UK 07973 772241
City/Town: Alton, Hampshire
Blackstone Balance
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Blackstone Balance welcomes all needing customized healing and spiritual guidance. I use multiple types of reiki to clear any disruptive energies and reset clients to their correct vibrational state. I then begin the process of raising your vibrations and energy to reach a more spiritually enlightened state. I also provide spiritual coaching and intuitive readings for further guidance on your journey.

Business Website Address: http://blackstonebalance.com
Business Phone Number: 3146802007
City/Town: St. Louis
Short Business Description: Reiki Infused with powerful Buddhist chants, specialised in Distance Reiki
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A Reiki practitioner for 17 years , I am specialised in Distance Reiki and have years of experience in providing remote Reiki treatment. I also practice Buddhism and have found powerful Buddhist prayers that go a long way in healing. I believe in quality rather than quantity and take less than 3 clients a week.

City/Town: Pune
Bridging the Gap to Heal
Short Business Description: Using distance Reiki sessions for humans and animals, as well guided meditations.
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I offer all services for donations that go directly to the Lupus Foundation of America, Florida Chapter. The website is attached to my Facebook page of the same name.

Business Website Address: http://Www.bridgingthegaptoheal.com
City/Town: Orlando
Chakra Moon Energy Healing
Address: 431 Widnor Dr.
Short Business Description: Services and products utilizing the healing power of reiki energies.
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In person and remote healing services, crystal healing jewelry and decor, spiritual counseling, yoga, aromatherapy, and more!

Business Website Address: http://www.cmehealing.com
Business Phone Number: 4253207836
City/Town: Mount Vernon
Crystal Child Reiki
Address: Dubai, UAE
Short Business Description: Providing Distant & in person sessions
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Providing Distant & in person sessions from UAE.
Currently in person sessions are not available.
Instagram: @dubaireiki

Business Website Address: http://www.crystalchildreiki.com
Business Phone Number: +971525513647
City/Town: Dubai
Address: 60181
Short Business Description: Crystal Reiki Oneness
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Reiki with the added power of Crystals

Business Website Address: http://www.crystalreiki.online
Business Phone Number: +19083667863
City/Town: Chicago
Crystal Reiki.online
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We at Crystal Reiki prefer distance Reiki method to keep up with todays life style.

Business Website Address: http://www.crystalreiki.online
Business Phone Number: 9083667863
City/Town: Chicago
Dandelion Healing
Address: 45833
Short Business Description: Reiki and Crystal Reiki
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Hello, My name is Kandis Clemons, 11 years ago after being told my breast biopsy was inconclusive and would require more tissue taken I was headed to meet a friend to cry and I was involved in a car accident in which I suffered a head injury. At the time the doctors told me they believed based on my MRI that I had MS and would need to have more testing and proceed with a specialist. As a mother of 4 daughters I was devastated and when I saw my reflexologist in the next few days she told me about Reiki. Needless to say I had 4 Reiki treatments before the blood work and biopsy appointment…and the doctors could find nothing. I was convinced Reiki gave me my life and my daughters back. I began learning as much as I could and taking classes. Now 10 years later I am sharing my gift of the loving energy with other. I am an Ordained Minister working with Singing bowls, Tuning forks, Crystal Reiki, Animal Reiki, and Tarot Cards. Join me at Dandelion Healing, where we never stop making wishes. Much love and light. Kandis xx

Business Phone Number: 4196150189
City/Town: Delphos
Your Practitioner
Address: 60647
Short Business Description: EYW focuses on using time-tested techniques to help individuals thrive.
Long Business Description:

EYW was formed based on experiences and lessons learned from not only my education but also my private practice. Using energy techniques learned over time I coach you to not only learn to heal yourself but also to gain clarity on who you are in the world.

Business Website Address: luisriverams.com
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City/Town: Chicago