Distance Reiki Practitioners (Online)

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Short Business Description: Crystal Reiki Oneness
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Reiki with the added power of Crystals

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Crystal Reiki.online
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We at Crystal Reiki prefer distance Reiki method to keep up with todays life style.

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Dandelion Healing
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Short Business Description: Reiki and Crystal Reiki
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Hello, My name is Kandis Clemons, 11 years ago after being told my breast biopsy was inconclusive and would require more tissue taken I was headed to meet a friend to cry and I was involved in a car accident in which I suffered a head injury. At the time the doctors told me they believed based on my MRI that I had MS and would need to have more testing and proceed with a specialist. As a mother of 4 daughters I was devastated and when I saw my reflexologist in the next few days she told me about Reiki. Needless to say I had 4 Reiki treatments before the blood work and biopsy appointment…and the doctors could find nothing. I was convinced Reiki gave me my life and my daughters back. I began learning as much as I could and taking classes. Now 10 years later I am sharing my gift of the loving energy with other. I am an Ordained Minister working with Singing bowls, Tuning forks, Crystal Reiki, Animal Reiki, and Tarot Cards. Join me at Dandelion Healing, where we never stop making wishes. Much love and light. Kandis xx

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Your Practitioner
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Short Business Description: EYW focuses on using time-tested techniques to help individuals thrive.
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EYW was formed based on experiences and lessons learned from not only my education but also my private practice. Using energy techniques learned over time I coach you to not only learn to heal yourself but also to gain clarity on who you are in the world.

Business Website Address: luisriverams.com
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Me in Rome, have to have fun, right!?
Short Business Description: Peace | Love | Understanding – for all!
Distance Healing with multiple modalities, including Reiki.
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My main goal is to help people move on and release old contracts that hold them back. This way we open to universal energies, the Source and our Soul. I was helped a great deal by healers including Lisa Powers and I would love to give back as much as I possibly could.
The healing sessions are personal and focused, I don’t do general Reiki sending, which is good but I prefer focusing on one person at a time.
Sometimes I talk to the soul of the person I’m treating, if they have a special request or need to show or guide the person. Also am very good at removing negative energies that are stuck.

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Flora Wellness & Apothecary
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Distance Reiki, Crystal Reiki and Crystal Healing Therapy with Reiki Master Practitioner, Crystal Reiki Master and Crystal Healing Therapist Cynthia Gilbert. In the Port Alice area? Book an in person (or distance) session through facebook services links (fast) or send us an email (slower response times).

City/Town: Port Alice, BC
Forest Rose Reiki
Address: 407 W. Bell Street
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Forest Rose Reiki has been born out of my own personal healing and awakening journey; learning self-awareness, self-love and self-care, healing from co-dependency, and trusting the intuitive calling in my soul. My intention as an energy healer is to hold healing space for your intelligent body-mind to do it’s natural work of releasing, re-balancing, and aligning with abundance, health, and wholeness.

Energy healing ultimately works to realign you with your inner healer! The reason I love Reiki as a healing modality is it provides a structured practice for holding space for healing within ourselves. The greatest healing comes when we can observe our thoughts, feelings, and pain without judgement and extend ourselves unconditional love and acceptance.

Sending love to all beings

Business Website Address: http://lisakuth.com
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Peace-Love-Reiki Good VIbrations Energy Studio
Address: 48083
Short Business Description: Reiki Master and mother of 2, Janet works with Reiki, gemstones, tuning forks, and flower essences to help you be your best self.
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Janet is a Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master, Karuna Ki Reiki Master, crystal healer, color healing practitioner, and flower essence practitioner. She specializes in working with families and children, particularly those with special needs

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Graceful Light
Short Business Description: Graceful Light is global online organization comprised of certified Reiki practitioners with at least a level 2 training, who volunteer their time helping those who are struggling monetarily and cannot afford hands on sessions.
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Graceful Light is global online organization comprised of certified Reiki practitioners with at least a level 2 training, who volunteer their time helping those who are struggling monetarily and cannot afford hands on sessions.

Business Website Address: Graceful Light Global
Trish Percy, CRMT
Address: 75229-6026
Short Business Description: Helping you grow where you are
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Focused on helping you remove energy blockages preventing you from experiencing spiritual and mental growth, as well as natural solutions for your health and wellness.

Business Phone Number: 2146735862
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