New Mexico

Blue Flower Reiki
Address: 2724 Vassar Pl NE
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Short Business Description: I provide Reiki Sessions to reduce stress, promote relaxation and encourage healing. I also utilize crystals with Reiki to utilize their natural frequencies during the session..
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I am located in Albuquerque, I am passionate about the well being, and experience of everyone. Although I am located in Albuquerque, I also perform distance Reiki all over the world, past, present or future.

Business Website Address: Blue Flower Reiki
Business Phone Number: 5055852272
City/Town: Albuquerque
Infinite Healing
Address: 2827 N Dal Paso
Suite 127
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Short Business Description: purpose is to promote healing by offering the power of relaxation and Reiki to balance the body, mind, emotions, & Spirit.
Now offering Reiki sessions and Reiki classes to Hobbs, NM and surrounding areas by appointment.
Unable to come in for an appointment? Give me a call! When Reiki is in need, there is always a way!
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Reiki is a technique used to reduce stress and promote healing in the body. It is administered by laying on of hands in various areas along the meridians of the body directing the unseen “life force energy” to flow through us, balance us, and promote healing. If ones own “life force energy” is low they are apt to feel stressed, run down, or get sick. Increasing your “life force energy” to a higher level can help make you happy, well rested, and healthier!

Increase your life force energy with Reiki!

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Business Phone Number: 575-602-2203
City/Town: Hobbs