Reiki Practitioners in USA

1111 Reiki Healing
223 Wood Ave

Reiki for Adults, Children and animals. Distance Reiki available

We offer life coaching, energy healing and other consulting services.

We offer life coaching and coaching specialties, energy healing in several modalities and other consulting services.

(320) 444-5589
Southern Oregon Coast, USA
1611 Virginia ave. 205A
Reiki Master and Teacher, Crystal Reiki and Animal Reiki certifications, Master Herbalist, Life Purpose Coach

Welcome! I am located on the southern Oregon coast in North Bend, Oregon by appointment. I am a certified Master Herbalist since 2002 and an Reiki Master/ Teacher including certification in Animal Reik and Crystal Reiki since 2016 as well as a certified Life purpose Coach. I co own a business with Always Young Skin Care with my bestfriend who is an Advanced Aesthitician and we also have a wonderful LMT, who specializes in Swedish and deep tissue massage and fire cupping. We have a beautiful and unique boutique where we sell our own brands of essential oils and skincare products, incenses, books on spirituality, eclectic jewelry, crystals, candles and stones along with other beautiful and spiritual items. I have incorporated several different techniques in my practice including hands on Reiki, hot stone and towel therapy, Kansa Wand Therapy and Acupressure. I also consult with my clients on assisted meditation, breathing exercises, supplements, herbs and ways they can improve the quality of their lives and to create their dreams in real life. My sessions are usually 90 minutes in which we cover much ground. I love my clients and what I do. I am blessed beyond measure! Namaste’

Always Young Bodyworks
North Bend
Christine Stalsonburg is our lead practitioner
812 Garfield Ave
Suite F
We provide a holistic approach to health and wellness in a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

Using Reiki, Meditation, Angel Therapy and Massage Therapy, we bring a well rounded compliment of services to our clients who are looking for a holistic approach to health and wellness. We also offer a complete line of nutritional supplements and weight loss program. We have over 50 years of safe, proven and guaranteed products that we offer.
Traverse City
Antojai Shamanic Wellness
Detroit, By Appointment
Reiki, Antojai, and Quantum Chakra Energy Healing. Over 21 years of experience in Medical Shamanism and Alternative Medicine.

We offer Metaphysical Naturalism, Reiki Mastery, Antojai Ascension Courses; metaphysical solutions, jewelry, feng shui consulting, home blessing, and psychic training. We help the community through a fusion of ancient healing arts with modern psychological advances to bring a higher level of healing to you and your loved ones. Master Antojai has trained all over the world, and is one of the leading researchers in energetic medicine applications.
28 Old Highway Ln
Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Essential oils Therapy in a Garden Vineyard setting.

AQUA ĈIELE ę TÉRRE was born in the high altitude Grasslands of Sonoita located on small hills with beautiful views of the Santa Rita Mountains.
Our micro vineyard and botanical gardens are gifted with monsoon rains, magnificent sky and the red earth for making superb wine.
We follow the philosophy of alignment with nature for the development of our vines, wines, and botanicals.
We provide Reiki Sessions, Crystal Reiki, Plant Base Diet consulting and Essential Oil Therapy.

Crystal Reiki by Innocence Smith
Online Only
Ashe Sankofa Wellness brings awareness to self transformation & empowers you to take well-being into your own hands.

Ashe Sankofa Wellness: Healing Through Intention On A Higher Frequency. This business is personal. The space I create is sacred and safe, where I meet each individual “where they are” emotionally, energetically, socially, intellectually and physically in their life journey. My intent is to bring my passion for harmonious living and well-being into local communities. My mission is help equip women reduce stress, foster resiliency and promote well-being of mind, body and spirit through “elevated wellness education.”

Balance in focus
PO Box 386
Reiki – in person and distance, Massage and Coaching, Workshops and Reiki Level 1 & 2 Classes.

My name is Marianne Stenhouse and I am a Reiki master, massage therapist and a licensed clinical social worker. My focus is to work with the whole person; mind, body and spirit. Reiki has been powerful and extremely meaningful to me both personally and professionally and I find my focus moving more towards this specialty every day. I provide in person Reiki sessions as well as distance sessions. I teach Reiki Level 1& 2 classes as well as workshops in mindfulness, self-care reiki practices and personal growth.

website: Balance in Focus, LLC
Beauty 912
Beauty 912 online, distance and private reiki sessions

Beauty 912 celebrates your individual beauty both inside and out. Offering online, distance and private (we come to you) reiki sessions as well as personal beauty services, aromatherapy, chakra therapy and life coaching.
New York
Blissful Heart Studio
713 N Arendell Ave
Blissful Heart Studio provides a safe, supportive space for compassionately healing Mind, Body, & Soul.

Greetings! At Blissful Heart Studio we are dedicated to compassionate healing for the Mind, Body, and Soul. We offer a wide range of modalities to shift, uplift, & transform your energy into the pure radiance! Modalities include Usui Reiki, as well as Karuna Ki & Crystal Reiki, Sacred Presence Coaching, Shamanic Services, Crystal Energy Therapy, Angelic Communication, Massage Therapy, Yoga Sessions. We also offer one-of-a-kind, unique Malas & Sacred Inspirational Jewelry through the new addition of AngelFire Creative custom designs!