Good For You!
Address: 9713 Carson Ranch Rd
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Short Business Description: Reiki, Distance Reiki, Tai Chi
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Good For You! offers Reiki, Distance Reiki, traditional Tai Chi and TaijiFit. Additionally, I offer classes in wellness with a focus on health for the body, mind and spirit.

Business Website Address: http://good4youwellness.com
Business Phone Number: 8179158064
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City/Town: Crowley
Holly’s Healthy Habits
Address: I am mobile-I will travel within the Austin or surrounding area. I would be willing to make a trip to Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio but there would be an additional fee of $100 and limited scheduling for this.
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Short Business Description: I am a certified Holistic Health Coach and former NASM personal trainer. I have been trained and certified in Reiki up to the master level. I am also certified to perform Animal Reiki and I provide sessions in person or at a distance.
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Like many of you I was looking for more in life. I knew I had a lot of healing and work to do on myself, so I began my journey. I became a health coach to heal myself from within. My doctors were all done listening and I was fed up with their lack of interest. I wanted to know what the root cause of my illnesses were, and why we weren’t addressing that, rather than addressing symptoms with one medication and causing more symptoms that lead to more medications. I sought out a Reiki session in my area with a man who took the time to tell me his story and how he had gotten into Reiki, it immediately sparked my interest! I was amazed that people could heal themselves and others with just a touch, so I researched to learn more. On a daily basis I speak to many clients who explain how they have tried everything to heal their aches or pain, but nothing has helped. Reiki for me is a way of life, I am honestly in love with this gift. All I have ever wanted to do in my life is help others, I wasn’t sure what that meant until I did my first Reiki session on a friend. Reiki has helped me heal personally in so many ways, so I would feel blessed to be a part of your journey.

Business Phone Number: 5123009101
City/Town: Austin
Shawna Williams
Address: 1106 N Hwy 360 #202
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Short Business Description: My name is Shawna Williams and I am an empath and natural healer. I’m also a Reiki Master and an Akashic Record Practitioner. I practice these modalities under my company name Indigo Qi, pronounced in-di-goh chee.
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My name is Shawna Williams and I am an empath and natural healer. I’m also a Reiki Master and an Akashic Record Practitioner. I practice these modalities under my company name Indigo Qi, pronounced in-di-goh chee.

I have an unusual capacity for sensing and understanding the feelings of others and I am also deeply affected by other people’s energy. I can feel the energy of a room the moment I arrive and can tell whether it’s a safe or dangerous environment. I can tell when someone is being honest, holding back their emotions, or being deceitful and untrustworthy. Since I can feel the emotions of my clients, I am an understanding ally in their quest to deal with and release emotions that no longer serve them. Complete strangers strike up conversations and tell me their personal business only to finish up by saying “I don’t know why I just told you all of that but you have the most soothing presence about you. I feel like I can tell you anything”. I began to realize that it wasn’t all that strange that these people would confide in me, I was actually attracting them by being an open beacon, a non-judgement light that they could confide in and trust.

I learned about Reiki after several deaths happened in my family within a short period of time. I was looking for something to help me deal with the pain when I decided to join a class. After the first lesson I knew that this was what I was called to do. I felt positive. I felt calm. I felt… Healed. Not only did I complete this course while practicing on myself and others, I began looking into other modalities to help enhance my understanding and ability to heal. I learned how to read the Akashic Records and I actually amazed myself on how accurate my readings were and how helpful it’s been to others to know who they are at Soul level. ​​
My education hasn’t stopped there. I am currently a Crystal Reiki Master, Animal Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Acupressure for Depression/Anxiety Practitioner, Reiki Color and Art Therapy Practitioner and have recently finished with my Shamanic Initiation, 9 Sacred Rites of the Munay Ki. I am also a member of the Reiki Healing Association and Soul ReAlignment® Network.

I live in Texas and have been married to the love of my life for the past 20 years. Together we have two boys and the cutest lil Yorkie you ever want to see named Pierre. I am an artist and I love to draw, design, and decorate. I also love to sing although keeping on tune is a challenge. Once I opened myself to the spiritual world around me, I’ve had a truly deeper understanding of myself and others. This enlightenment has blessed me beyond words and I want to help you increase your awareness if you’d like. The choice is yours.

Love and Light, Shawna

Business Website Address: http://www.indigo-qi.com
Business Phone Number: 214-556-1442
City/Town: Grand Prairie
Kristina Karst Yoga & Wellness
Address: 13970 Mainsail St
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Short Business Description: Yoga, Meditation, Reiki & Sound Therapy
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I offer yoga classes for the individual student’s needs using props and modifications to allow the student to get the most out of their practice. I am a reiki master and crystal reiki master offering reiki therapy sessions in person and distance sessions. I offer a traditional reiki sessions along with a signature session which includes sound therapy using crystal and Tibetan singing bowls along with 2 gongs and other sound healing instruments. Take time for selflove and selfcare. Be sure to check out my website for monthly specials, memberships and gift certificates.

Business Website Address: http://Kristinakarstyoga.com
Business Phone Number: 3617308484
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City/Town: Corpus Christi
Loving The Reiki Life with Reiki Master Nan
Address: Texas, USA
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Short Business Description: Loving the Reiki Life with Reiki Master Nan offers individual distant Reiki healing sessions for a fee and I offer occasional, periodic group distant Reiki healing sessions for free. I am Master Reiki Teacher Certified, Animal Reiki Certified and located in North East Texas.
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Hello, I am Reiki Master & Practitioner Nan. I received my Usui Ryoho Reiki Shinpiden Master
& Teacher Level Certification in 2014. At present, I offer Distance Reiki sessions. Healing energy transcends location, distance, and time. If you forget the time of the session, do not worry, be open to the energy and ​it will find you. I enjoy energy healing work and love helping others, so I look forward to performing your distance ​Reiki treatment sessions.
I am also a Certified Law Of Attraction Practitioner and a Universal Life Church Officiant to perform weddings. I am currently working toward Life Coaching and Ho’oponopono Certifications.

Business Website Address: Loving The Reiki Life
Open Mind Reiki
Address: 6540 Watherhill Lane

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Short Business Description: Personal and distance certified Usui Ryoho Reiki Master Practitioner for pets, children and adults.
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Open Mind Reiki is a place to come to leave all your worries, lonely and painful situations behind. Let Open Mind help you to align your chakras and cut emotional blockages that keep you from performing your best every day. It’s our goal to see you thrive physically and emotionally in your daily walk.

Business Phone Number: 817-230-7462
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City/Town: Fort Worth
Peaceful Winds Healing Academy
Address: 5868 Oak Trail
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Short Business Description: Teaching a 1 year healing school with comprehensive curriculum of energy, herbal, Ayurvedic, & more healing.
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Grandmaster Bonnie Palmer Reed has performed over 8,000 healings personally & students have also performed many over the years. Teaching energy healing for over 15 years & doing yoga for 40+. Also a certified herbalist, yogi, Ayurveda practitioner, nutritionist, & much more.

Business Website Address: http://www.peacefulwinds.com
Business Phone Number: 979-575-6078
City/Town: Bryan
Rose Quartz
Address: 79603
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Short Business Description: Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Reiki Master/ Teacher, Quantum Reiki Master, Pet Reiki practitioner, Certified Shamanic Life Coach
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Thank you for taking a moment to inquire I hope to meet you soon. We are located in Abilene, Texas. My partner and I own and operate a wellness center and metaphysical shop. With one owner, not I, having experience in traditional western medicine as a nurse for over 30 years; we provide as holistic approach to health and wellness. We both offer various holistic energy modalities. We believe not one modality fits all, and often incorporate traditional with other ancient holistic practices. Having been attuned to varying modalities we offer traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho reiki, Quantum reiki, and Karuna reiki. As avid pet lovers we offer pet reiki for the animal nation as well as incorporating crystal reiki in some of our sessions. You may experience singing bowls, tingsha, drums, music, silence, or all of the above during a session. We allow the spirit and wisdom of Reiki to guide. Another service we provide is one on one shamanic life coaching. We are honored to be able to assist others in their spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical journey’s and overall well being. Helping others find their voice and their way to peace,health, love, and light is our mission. We are honored to share the gifts we have been given. We embrace and welcome all that are seeking that light within. Our space is sacred, clean, safe, and loving to offer our clients relaxation while source energy provides the healing.
Love and Light, Mo Nichols

Business Phone Number: 325-428-8489
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City/Town: Abilene
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he Spirit Of Healing Oasis is a dream in action. Based on the idea that we can always return to a space of solace and relief through the midst of difficulty, drought, and rough terrain, it is an Oasis where healing occurs through the energy of Spirit within and around us.
Passionate about bringing healing and enlightenment of all kinds to the world, Nichole Ketchum, founder of the Oasis, plans to bring all aspects of energy healing and spiritual awareness together in one primary location in San Antonio, Texas.
Starting small and dreaming big, Nichole currently provides Reiki services from her home studio located North Centrally near the San Antonio airport. Looking forward toward the close of 2020 is a clear vision of the opening of the Spirit Of Healing Oasis’ primary heart center where all cultures of spirituality and healing modalities are welcome to enter and heal ourselves, each other, and the planet.

Business Website Address: http://www.spiritofhealingoasis.com
Business Phone Number: 210-303-4474
City/Town: San Antonio
Thriving with Scott
Address: 4813 Green Oaks
River Oaks, Texas
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Short Business Description: Reiki sessions in Fort Worth, Texas.
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Reiki sessions conducted by Scott Bradshaw at the Better Bodies Medical Center in River Oaks, Texas. Apppointments for a session can be made by calling 817-731-7004 – Ask for Samantha.

Business Phone Number: 817*455-5521
City/Town: Fort Worth