Address: 3500 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Suite 511
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Heart 2 Health757, LLC is a company who’s dedicated to our client’s mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

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Business Phone Number: 757-529-1218
City/Town: Virginia Beach, VA
Inner Path, LLC
Address: 12097 Gayton Road
Short Business Description: Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy, Astrology, and Tarot sessions and classes.
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In Richmond, Virginia, Inner Path, LLC offers Western as well as Traditional Japanese Reiki along with Crystal Therapy, Aromatherapy, Astrology consultations, and Tarot readings. My name is Kapunahele Wong and I’m a native Hawaiian practitioner formally trained in the Native Hawaiian hālau (traditional school) for Hawaiian spirituality and lomilomi under the expert guidance of a kahuna. This training informs all that I do. I am also a certified Reiki Master/Teacher in several styles of Reiki, certified as an Advanced Practitioner of Crystal Therapy, have 637 hours of aromatherapy training, certified in Meridian Massage, and am a certified aromatherapist professional member of NAHA (the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy). I have also taken and continue to take in-depth classes in traditional and modern astrology.

I partner with clients to work on chakras, hara, meridians, and the condition of your aura/energy field. Together, we can also dive deep into your spirituality to help you find meaning and healing at a soul level.

Business Phone Number: 8043705825
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City/Town: Henrico
Lotus Petals Therapy LLC
Address: 22030
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Short Business Description: Reiki Masters and Practitioners
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Offering Reiki, Distance Reiki, and other complementary products.

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Business Phone Number: 571-989-0529
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City/Town: Fairfax City
Luna 7
Address: 2001 Lafayette Blvd.,
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Short Business Description: We focus on healing by connecting to source for positive change. We are passionate about Reiki and also provide essentials for positive vibes.
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Luna 7 is passionate about our Reiki practice. We provide Usui, Crystal and Karuna Reiki. Our goal is to uplift people lives with services and products that inspire, transform educate and enrich. In addition to Reiki we provide angelic healing sessions, angle card readings, and crystal chakra readings. Luna 7 also offers private and group meditation. We do house blessing ceremonies, and healing circles as well. Some of the products we sale are candles infused with crystals, aura sprays, smudge fans and chakra boxes.

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Business Phone Number: (571)306-1427
City/Town: Fredericksburg
Zen with Jen Reiki
Address: 22 Winesap Apple Lane
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Short Business Description: Offering traditional Usui Reiki, distance, animal and crystal sessions
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Are you looking for deep relaxation? Release from fears and anxiety so that you can create new possibilities? I am a level II Usui Reiki Energy Therapist. I look to help women who are looking for assistance in balancing the mind/body connection, improving anxiety, depression, stress, and finding your true self. Reiki, Life Form Energy, can help promote stress reduction and healing for the whole self.
I provide Integrated Energy Therapy, Crystal Reiki, Energy clearing (smudging) for home and business mixed with Reiki to bring positive energy to your space. I offer distance reiki sessions, Animal Reiki as well as Aromatherapy, crystal and holistic gardening classes.
My hope is to bring light where you may have had darkness, and peace to the mind.

Business Phone Number: 724-464-4040
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City/Town: Round Hill