Zen with Jen Reiki
Address: 22 Winesap Apple Lane
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Offering traditional Usui Reiki, distance, animal and crystal sessions
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Are you looking for deep relaxation? Release from fears and anxiety so that you can create new possibilities? I am a level II Usui Reiki Energy Therapist. I look to help women who are looking for assistance in balancing the mind/body connection, improving anxiety, depression, stress, and finding your true self. Reiki, Life Form Energy, can help promote stress reduction and healing for the whole self.
I provide Integrated Energy Therapy, Crystal Reiki, Energy clearing (smudging) for home and business mixed with Reiki to bring positive energy to your space. I offer distance reiki sessions, Animal Reiki as well as Aromatherapy, crystal and holistic gardening classes.
My hope is to bring light where you may have had darkness, and peace to the mind.

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Round Hill