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Reiki Box Healing
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Free 21 Day Reiki Box Healing when you sign up! Reiki Box Healing is a unique form of healing and approach to creating success and abundance. We have a range of healing services for you.
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Reiki Box Healing is a spiritual healing service where you can sign up to become part of a Reiki Box in which you then receive Reiki and healing energy every day. This allows you to have energetic support towards your goals daily! When you become a Reiki Box Healing member you can get energetic support towards your health, wealth, love and happiness and attract more situations/events/places/things in line with your highest good!

I am also glad to offer a range of advanced energetic work such as Auric clearing, Karma Removal, Shadow Self Integration, Unnatural Implants Removal and DNA Activation.

I have also been attuned to a wide range of other energy modalities and in my personal healing healing services I usually use a mix of Kundalini & Lightarian Reiki, Etheric Crystals, Shamballa, 999 angelic energies, Seichim, Raising of your vibration. I also deeply clear and optimize your various energy bodies, etheric cords (and cutting), Aura, Kundalini, Chakras, Meridians, and anything else like the subconscious mind or abundance blocks, depending on the session.

You can get started with the Reiki Box Healing by signing up for a FREE 21 day Reiki Box Healing by visiting my website.

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Distant Healing, available everywhere!