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Our Healing Room
Address: 38021 Euclid Avenue Suite 4
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Short Business Description: Our Healing Services take place in our Healing Room; which was created to provide a nurturing space for your body to clear old energy, bring forth new energy, and to balance the energy systems within the body.
Energy healing processes are noninvasive, and have been used as a natural form of healing for centuries. The result of energy healing may be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, and is overall a relaxing and calming experience.
As healing practitioners, our intention is to be used as a channel to energetically connect to the recipient to facilitate their healing. The goal in each session is to restore harmony and balance in the recipient’s energy system, allowing self healing to occur.
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Our wellness experiences are created to provide information, inspiration, and support to those who are facing career and personal life challenges. As your wellness guide, we will stand with you as your partner in transformation as you shift your thoughts, habits, and behaviors from the self limiting/self-sabotaging messages that have kept you stuck; into life altering…uplifting thoughts, habits, and behaviors that will lead to actions that are in alignment with your life’s desire. Within our personal wellness relationship, we will guide you to connect to your inspiration and dreams…to transform your thinking…and to transform your life. All wellness experiences take place in a nurturing and safe environment where you feel free to share your darkest fears and/or your deepest desires. We will support you through your process of change – tapping into your purpose, passions, and strengths – encouraging you the reach for your dreams.

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Business Phone Number: 440-833-4138
City/Town: Willoughby
Healing and Herbs
Short Business Description: Reiki Healing, Shamanic Healing, Herbalism, Aromatherapy and Holistic Life Coaching
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Angelique provides Reiki Healing for Individuals and Animals, Shamanic Healing, Herbal Remedies, Chakra Clearing and Balancing and Smudging.

Business Website Address: Click here to visit Healing and Herbs
Business Phone Number: +44(0)7493883069
City/Town: Leeds
OMtherapy by Pineal Aesthetics
Address: 07024
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I offer Lomi Lomi massage, deep tissue massage , and Swedish massage. I also am a Reiki Master. I also work as a spiritual coach , I do guided mediations and intuitive tarot readings, and pendulum work as well. The Isla Verde Lomi Lomi massage is said to be the most relaxing massage technique ever. My goal is to open a holistic healing center for yoga, meditation , spiritual growth, reiki, massage , with a metaphysical shop and aesthetics side for spa treatments . Right now it’s just me doing massage, chakra alignment,tarot reading and spiritual coaching and healing on my own, but I have a full staff ready to go as soon as my location opens. I want to help people feel and look beautiful and at peace with themselves .

Business Phone Number: 5515741413