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Namaste beautiful soul!
The law of synchronicity will take you where you are meant to be. Always follow your inner wisdom and guidance. I am a healer. It is my passion and calling. If this resonates with you, allow me to help you in your precious and unique journey as your Reiki healer.

Many blessings,
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When we live our lives authentically, we accept ourselves completely by recognizing our strengths and weaknesses. Instead of suppressing our emotions we face our fears. When we practice kindness, forgiveness and unconditional love for our inner child and those around us, the universe matches in many folds. All answers are within us. Once we recognize the source within, we are able to see it in everyone around us. Oneness consciousness is the key to all the answers.

Self-healing is one of the many other gifts that we receive on the path of ascension. Energy healing works with the same concept. It is the ability to see the source within and align with divine life energy to heal oneself and others.

When we are awakened to the truth that all the answers are within, instead of projecting on others or on circumstances, we have the tenacity to find the solution to all our problems. The universe opens the door to a brighter and better future. We can only see that door with a clear, calm and fearless state of mind. Healing can help us tremendously in our inner journey by releasing old self-limiting and self-sabotaging habits and patterns.

Our souls are ever evolving whether we consciously choose it or not. When we make a choice to evolve, the universe brings lessons in every situation, interaction and event that occur in our lives. When we walk on this path with faith within…healing and ascension occur naturally with every breath. It is a constant process of soul evolution. Therefore, healing and ascension are not a linear process, both are always around us and within us in the form of energy. Based on our current state of consciousness, we are able to realize and experience accordingly.

To maintain a peaceful, purposeful, loving, compassionate, and abundant life, we need to nourish our mind, body and soul.

While eating healthy, working out regularly, choosing to be kinder, more forgiving and loving to ourselves and others around us, energy healing can give us a nudge and guidance in the right direction. Healing improves awareness, wisdom and insight. It can help in finding the right balance in our lives. We all are a healer and a guide...all we need to do is look within!

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