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Short Business Description: Cosmic Reiki LA is the hottest reiki group in Los Angeles. We support the global community by bringing together certified reiki practitioners and energy workers to uplift and heal.
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As you shift, we shift, and the world shifts. Cosmic Reiki LA is connected to all powerful source energy. We use ancient healing techniques to channel this great reiki power which include the use of symbols, crystals and sound therapy. Cosmic Reiki LA was founded by a mother & daughter duo. Join our reiki family! We are located in Windsor Hills, Los Angeles, Ca.

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Business Phone Number: 2139847050
City/Town: Los Angeles
Me in Rome, have to have fun, right!?
Short Business Description: Peace | Love | Understanding – for all!
Distance Healing with multiple modalities, including Reiki.
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My main goal is to help people move on and release old contracts that hold them back. This way we open to universal energies, the Source and our Soul. I was helped a great deal by healers including Lisa Powers and I would love to give back as much as I possibly could.
The healing sessions are personal and focused, I don’t do general Reiki sending, which is good but I prefer focusing on one person at a time.
Sometimes I talk to the soul of the person I’m treating, if they have a special request or need to show or guide the person. Also am very good at removing negative energies that are stuck.

Business Phone Number: +359887001129
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City/Town: Sofia
Faith Reiki LA
Address: 91607
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Short Business Description: Reiki * Animal Reiki * Spiritual Response Therapy * Essential Oils
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After discussing any physical, emotional, or mental concerns the client has, I will begin the session by muscle testing for a bespoke essential oil blend that will amplify the healing. I will also use Spiritual Response Therapy while they are relaxing on the table. SRT is similar to past life regression – without requiring anything from the client but their permission, I will clear away past or future life experiences in this dimension or others that are holding them back from experiencing the existence their heart desires! These three tools together create a powerful instrument for well-being. I am mobile and am happy to meet in the comfort of my client’s home within the LA area.

Also certified to work on animals! From cats and dogs to horses and chickens, animals can have the same blocks as people, and I have seen extraordinary results from just a thirty minute session. The SRT work is incredibly effective for our furry friends. Please feel free to email any questions!

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Fancy Feet Reflexology
Address: 338 Second Street West, Unit 4
Cornwall, ON
K6J 1G9
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Short Business Description: Hand and Foot reflexology are primary services offered, complemented by Reiki energy sessions.
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I am a certified reflexology therapist and Reiki Master. Reiki has been my passion for the last 5 years, therefore, my love for energy work lead me to teach other potential Reiki healers. I do offer other complementary services such as pedicures, head massage and hot stones massages.

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Business Phone Number: 613 362-5756
City/Town: Cornwall
Holistic Healing Reiki Practice
Address: 02360
Short Business Description: Master Reiki Practitioner providing
•Distance Reiki
•In person sessions and/or house visits may be available
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I am a Master level reiki practitioner currently focusing on Distance Reiki, with plans to expand in the near future.

City/Town: Plymouth
Nadi Reiki
Short Business Description: Integral healing through Reiki
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Hello! I’m Esteban, Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho and Reiki Kundalini Ujjvala Master, and I am here to help you.

We are energy. It is the core of our infinite being, which allows us to exist and to belong. An imbalance in our vital energy can become somatized, giving way to physical affections or emotional disorders, Reiki helps to recover that balance and provide a healthy and cheerful life that translates into absolute love.

I could help you with face-to-face and distance Reiki Sessions.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


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City/Town: Quito
Nutrition & Energies
Address: 5 hameau de Liechene
Short Business Description: I’m deeply convinced that healing is based on nutrition and Energies what ever they are, for exemple Reiki but also Energy Medicine and Kinesiology. I’m involved in this field and I care about you. Please do not hesitate to ask me for more information
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I’m deeply convinced that healing is based on nutrition and Energies what ever they are, for example Reiki but also Energy Medicine and Kinesiology. I’m involved in this field and I care about you.
My Goal is to help 100 000 persons, in 15 years, to heal and get well in their everyday life, being healthy and happy, have good relationship, and caring nature.
I’ve learned Reiki from Lisa Powers, who is a great Reiki Master and teacher.

Business Phone Number: +33628021245
City/Town: sancy les provins
The Healing Raven
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Certified Reiki Master, helping others heal with energy as I become a channel. Together we can find any imbalances you may have.

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Business Phone Number: 702-625-0090
City/Town: Las Vegas, NV