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~Distance Reiki ~Reiki Practitioner Classes & Certifications ~Tarot ~Oracle ~Auric Cleanse ~Chakra Reading & Balancing ~Cord Cutting ~Crystal Healing ~Reiki Box ~Smudging & Energy Cleansing ~Ordained Minister ~Occupational Therapist
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My name is Elisabeth. I am a Certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master and Teacher who is accredited by the International Reiki Organization. I am a Quantum and Chakra Healer, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Crystal Practitioner and Reiki Master, Holistic Nutritionist, Artist, Ordained Minister, and Mystic and Spiritual Intuitive with the ability to stand as a legal officiant for ceremonies such as marriage and journeying rituals. I am also an Occupational Therapist and Integrative Medicine Practitioner and with degrees in Counseling, Psychology, Human Development, Spanish, Health Sciences and Occupational Therapy with over 10 years of experience providing Holistic/Integrative Health, Wellness and Prevention Care integrating Mind-Body-Spirit, prevention and maintenance of disease, health and wellness promotion and addressing so many aspects of an individual and their lives.

Taking care of your mind, body and soul.

Welcome to Harmony Holistics where we create stillness and relaxation, so that energy can flow and move again. This allows for mental, emotional and physical release which activates self healing.

Distance Reiki or quantum healing, works according to the Hermetic Law of Similarity, which holds that all living creatures are connected, as we are all energy matter. This allows a person to receive the healing benefits of Reiki even if they are unable to be physically present.

The practitioner connects with the recipients bioenergy field, universal Reiki healing energy is channeled and instantly transmitted to the recipient. Reiki is able to transcend the illusion of time and space, meaning it can be sent to anyone, anywhere, at any time even past/future versions of yourself. As such, invoking this law during a distance Reiki session allows the practitioner to link the Universal healing energy of Reiki to the energy field of the recipient and transcend Reiki healing energy to where it is most needed by the recipient.

When the universal healing energy of Reiki flows though the whole body it creates harmony, healing recipients on a molecular level and releasing all chakra blockages. Reiki assists in bringing the chakras into alignment and promotes optimism, an overall sense of well-being, stress relief, emotional clearing, anxiety reduction, and much more!

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