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Frances Cozzolino - Reiki Practitioner
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Center for Holistic Wellness
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Allow me to introduce myself to you. Ive always been a very spiritual person and empath. So this journey for me was a natural life path and calling. For the past 30 years I've had the privilege of working along side of some of New Yorks finest physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners & office staff helping and healing patients. Ive worked for a variety different types of specialty practices. In every practice I've worked in, the physicians have always been wonderful at treating disease and illness. I have always been proud to be part of such a winning team. Over the past few years I made the switch from working with Orthopedic patients to the Cancer patients. Working here as well as my own personal experiences with cancer, I again felt the calling that I could do more and offer more. It has been my observation that today’s medicine treats illness and disease, but not the mind, body and spirit. People need to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. I am making it my mission to shore up the spiritual piece so people can focus on healing their minds and body. Understanding that it is important to treat each person as a whole individual while getting to the root cause of the illness. Medications, procedures, surgeries are necessary to heal diseases of the physical body. Reiki and Meditation can help to heal the mind and the soul. One without the other creates imbalance. It is my sincere desire that my role in Reiki and Meditation brings both together. By choosing one modality of healing, we limit ourselves from healing at the fullest potential. Furthermore, once disease is treated, what measures are in place to promote wellness, health, and balance?

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214-41 42 Avenue, Suite 2C
Bayside, NY