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Our passion at Mystic Rose Medicine is to inspire lifelong learning & self-discovery. We believe in creating a community that cultivates a sense of purpose & understanding for all who seek inner wisdom & knowledge.
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As a holistic practitioner, I prescribe to the ideology that everything in our universe is energy, from our bodies & thoughts to our emotions & actions. We're human beings connected & rooted in the ever-expanding universe around us. Because of this, we recognize that even the little thing can affect our energy. Have you ever walked into a room & just felt weird & heavy suddenly? Or maybe you have been around a friend who is so uplifting; they have the ability to turn your darkest days into light without even speaking? This is the energy force that we pick up on. From the people we interact with the environments we live in, it all influences one other. Without this unseen force, we wouldn't have life. We need this consistent flow of energy to keep our body, mind, & spirit alive & whole.

I have a background in Shamanic Healing, & I am a Reiki Master. The techniques I practice come from my different experiences. I work intuitively, but you should know that I do not prescribe to, or am aligned with any religious belief systems; rather, the understanding that universal energy is all around us, creating harmony within. It addresses the trinity of the human experience, mind, body, & spirit. In a session, I guide & accompany my clients to an internal place of unity & compassion to restore peace, wellness, & harmony. When unifying energy throughout the body, you begin to experience clarity in a way that is unaffected by guilt, frustration, & anxiety. Some seek energy healing to accelerate their healing after surgery, while others seek to relieve chronic headaches or digestive problems.

My healing sessions are 60-minutes of deep-rooted energetic re-patterning that supports your soul vibration. You may experience intentional crystal placements, singing bowls, & sacred geometry. The purpose held within this session is to dissolve energetic blocks, limiting beliefs, somatic memories within the physical body, energetic enmeshment, emotional wounding, epigenetic patterns passed down through the ancestral lineage, past life trauma, & soul contracts. I clear residue within your energy field, harmonize the emotional body, & work to enact your parasympathetic nervous system to bring the physical body into a place of regenerative healing. You can expect shifts for several days & even weeks after your session. All energy sessions are currently transmuted through long-distance healing & are held through any virtual modality you wish to experience.

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