Past Life Regression

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Our Earth Mother Remedies are sourced from the only place that can truly bring about a solution….Gaia! Please visit our Facebook page also
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Genuinely Natural was formed out of a passion to help people and a personal need. We offer completely customized to you, tailored programs, products, and support for all avenues of ones life. With a background in allopathic medicine and advanced knowledge, both hands on and through study, we use an integrative approach to help each person create a wellness state that brings them only the highest good for themselves and others. We also give people back their voice where their health is concerned, encouraging them to be just as much a part of the entire wellness process with us.

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The Wanderlust Medium
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Clara J. Alden is the Wanderlust Medium, Author and Distance Energy Healer. Services include Reiki Treatments, Angel Therapy, Tarot Readings and Past Life Regression; all with a dedication to Universal Energy for everyday life.
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Clara J. Alden is the Wanderlust Medium. Born a natural Medium and Energy Healer, she became a Paranormal Investigator and Author. She holds numerous certifications such as Reiki Master/Teacher, Angel Therapy Practitioner and Past Life Regression Hypnotist. Her first hand experiences with the living and the dead have sent her on a life long journey for spiritual growth and paranormal answers. Traveling to famous cemeteries, local haunts and mysterious locations to ask the question: Do you believe?

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