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Pet reiki healings
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Jennifer is a Shinpiden Level III Reiki Master and Teacher. Jennifer has worked in the metaphysical, holistic, herbal, crystal, aromatherapeutic, oracle (angelic) and astrological fields since childhood. Jennifer has studied and practiced a variety of modalities and achieved different levels of illumination experiencing energetic consciousness through immersion in different pathways to consciousness, and energy healing since 1980.

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A sacred space for self healing, offering Reiki Energy Healing Sessions, Angel Tarot Card Readings, Meditations
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Hi, I’m Kristen, Founder of Palo Alto Reiki, Reiki Master, and certified Energy Healing Practitioner. It would be my honor to hold space for you to explore the transformative gifts and profound relaxation of energy healing for yourself. As an intuitive, empath, and psychic claircognizant, I use my spiritual abilities, intuition, angels, and guides to create a healing experience as unique as you are.

The mission of Palo Alto Reiki is to bring an abundance of love, light, and harmony into the world, one connection at a time. Our purpose isn’t to fix you, because you’re not broken. No one is. Our purpose is to remind you that you already have everything you need to help yourself; inner wisdom, self expression, unlimited capacity to love, personal power, creativity, a strong foundation, and divine guidance. All of this can be accessed, retrieved, and revitalized through Reiki energy healing sessions, card readings, and meditation.

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Palo Alto