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Ethan Rymiszewski
Address: 48088
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Energy Healing and Nutrition Consulting
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I am a certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, as well as a certified Nutrition Advisor.
My hope is to help people reach their potential through clean living.
Healing the world, but, start with yourself.
I feel a deep calling to assist people on their journey to a healthy life.
For any questions regarding my practices, contact me.

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Marianne Stenhouse – Balance in Focus
Address: PO Box 21183
Boulder CO
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Marianne Stenhouse, MSW, LMT, Reiki Master
Reiki, Massage, Workshops and classes.
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Marianne is an experienced Reiki master, Massage therapist and MSW. She has worked. I provide individual and group distance Reiki either in-person or distance. I teach numerous classes and workshop including. Reiki certification classes, self-care workshops, Reiki meditation/practice sessions and more.

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