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Distance Reiki for Writers and Creatives
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Reiki is an energy healing method that works on energetic, physical, and emotional aspects of an individual. Using universal life force energy, this holistic approach works in your highest good to bring balance, healing, and clarity to all levels of being.

It is especially helpful for writers and creatives who tend to become easily ungrounded, stressed, and detached from their center of creative flow. Reiki can help you to relax, balance, connect, and clear energetic blocks to your creativity.

With distance Reiki, you can experience this gentle yet powerful healing method no matter where you are.
Reiki can help you if you are experiencing:

-Creative or energetic blocks.
-Physical ailments such as headaches, migraines, or illnesses.
-Lack of emotional, physical, or mental balance.
-Stress or strain in your creative life.
-Self-doubt, anxiety, or fear.
-Disconnection with your spirit or higher self.
-Lack of inspiration and connection to your creativity.

As a published fantasy author, Reiki has been helpful in my own writing and creative journey. I do self treatments every morning to balance my energy, help remove creative blocks, and put me in a relaxed state as I tackle my creative to-do list. It also increases my intuition, which allows me to tap into my imagination as well as receive divine guidance during the creative process.

When you are free from worries, stress, and self-doubt, you are better able to focus on your creative work. When your energetic body is clear of blockages, and your chakras are balanced, you are better able to tap into the flow state that makes writing so much easier. And when you’re having a rough day, feeling blocked or burnt out, Reiki is the perfect way to rebalance and realign.

YOU can experience this too! Reiki can help you:

-Clear and balance your energetic body, aura, meridians, and chakras.
-Release blockages.
-Bring up issues that need to be addressed for healing.
-Relieve physical symptoms.
-Relax and relieve stress, anxiety, and burnout.
-Increase mental clarity and intuition.
-Bring positive energy into a situation or project.

I offer one hour distance Reiki sessions which can be scheduled online. Visit my website to learn more and to schedule your session today.

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