Discover your inner light
I offer services to help my clients release blocks promote healing and discover their inner light.

I have been on my spiritual journey for many years. Being a stay at home mom I had the opportunity to take classes on energy healing angels and spirit communication. I’m very passionate about my spiritual work and services. Right now I only offer distant healing and phone sessions. The energy during a distant healing session is just as effective as an in person session.

Angel Light Energy
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Angelique Mol
90 New Adel Lane
Reiki Healing, Herbalism, Aromatherapy and Holistic Therapies & Coaching

Providing Reiki Healing for Individuals and Animals, Herbalism / Herbal Medicines, Aromatherapy services and products, Holistic treatments & Coaching
28 Old Highway Ln
Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Essential oils Therapy in a Garden Vineyard setting.

AQUA ĈIELE ę TÉRRE was born in the high altitude Grasslands of Sonoita located on small hills with beautiful views of the Santa Rita Mountains.
Our micro vineyard and botanical gardens are gifted with monsoon rains, magnificent sky and the red earth for making superb wine.
We follow the philosophy of alignment with nature for the development of our vines, wines, and botanicals.
We provide Reiki Sessions, Crystal Reiki, Plant Base Diet consulting and Essential Oil Therapy.

Crystal Reiki by Innocence Smith
Online Only
Ashe Sankofa Wellness brings awareness to self transformation & empowers you to take well-being into your own hands.

Ashe Sankofa Wellness: Healing Through Intention On A Higher Frequency. This business is personal. The space I create is sacred and safe, where I meet each individual “where they are” emotionally, energetically, socially, intellectually and physically in their life journey. My intent is to bring my passion for harmonious living and well-being into local communities. My mission is help equip women reduce stress, foster resiliency and promote well-being of mind, body and spirit through “elevated wellness education.”

Asia’s Divine Guidance & Healing
Available Services:
Reiki (In person and Distance)
Oracle Card Reading
Talking to Heaven Reading
Pendulum Questions & Answers
House Cleansing & Blessing
Wedding Ceremony Officiant

Doing this work is my purpose. I want to teach and help as many people as possible. We can all benefit from healing. If we can all heal ourselves, the world will become a better place. I am inspired by the positive change I’ve personally experienced. I’ve been able to let go of all the types of abuse I’ve endured and turn those experiences into strength. I allowed my pain to control me for so long. I want to show others that it IS possible to heal, change, and transform your outlook on life. My wish is to spread the peace and happiness I feel because I allowed myself to heal and now I want to help you do the same. Your dreams are achievable and your hardships do not define you!

Al-Ghadeer Street – Najaf – Iraq
Personal Development, Reiki Courses, Energy Healing Sessions (Reiki & Pranic Healing)

Online academy for personal development, reiki courses, and healing sessions, we offer reiki healing sessions, Pranic healing sessions, and Macrobiotics diets in both languages Arabic & English.
اكاديمية عالم الوعي للتنمية الذاتية وعلوم الطاقة الحيوية
نقوم بتقديم دورات التنمية الذاتية والريكي والجلسات الشفائية بالريكي والبرانا, وكذلك نظام الماكروبيوتيك الغذائي
بكلا اللغتين العربية والانجليزية

Awareness World Academy
Balance in focus
PO Box 386
Reiki – in person and distance, Massage and Coaching, Workshops and Reiki Level 1 & 2 Classes.

My name is Marianne Stenhouse and I am a Reiki master, massage therapist and a licensed clinical social worker. My focus is to work with the whole person; mind, body and spirit. Reiki has been powerful and extremely meaningful to me both personally and professionally and I find my focus moving more towards this specialty every day. I provide in person Reiki sessions as well as distance sessions. I teach Reiki Level 1& 2 classes as well as workshops in mindfulness, self-care reiki practices and personal growth.

website: Balance in Focus, LLC
Bedrock Living and Nutrition
Nutritional Therapy, Aromatherapy, Customized Nutrition, Holistic Life Coaching and Reiki for Adults, Children and Pets.

Uniquely customized, all inclusive health assessments, a functional approach to holistic wellness. Mind. Body. Spirit. Focusing on Nutrition, Stress management, Sleep Hygiene, Environmental factors, and Energy Healing.
Between Father Sky & Mother Earth
Postal – Suite 210, 45 Glenferrie Road, Malvern, VIC
Products and services that sustain you and the planet.
Reiki – education, treatments; Permaculture – education, consultation; Health Coaching and health; Wealth creation and health & eco friendly products.

“Products and services that sustain you and the planet.”
Reiki – education, treatments, swaps [Ormond, Melbourne] ; Permaculture – education, consultation, community group administrator [SE Melbourne] ; Health coaching – all aspects of lifestyle to support mind, body, spirit; Wealth creation – via DS a great new health product that is ethical and has the power to change lives on all levels; and health & eco friendly products.
Blue Raven Healing Services
2609 Thornhill St
Penny-Shaini Rayne, M.Sc.
Offering Healing Services and readings.

Blue Raven Healing Services
Masters of Metaphysics Sciences, M.Sc.
Soul Realignment Practitioner® (completing practicum)
Reiki level 1
See my Facebook page, WalksWithTheAngels, for further details and offerings.