sensory repatterning

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We offer a holistic approach for total mind, body, and spirit connection. We facilitate natural therapies to awaken healing and restore balance.
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We are a holistic haven offering a variety of services. We facilitate integrated energy bodywork therapy. Our talented licensed practitioner has various skills that will assist in your healing process. She uses a combination of modalities specifically tailored to each individual's needs. She is trained in reiki, massage therapy, Thai compressions, stretching, craniosacral unwinding, acupressure, aromatherapy, polarity, meditation, breathwork, and sensory repatterning. We offer sustainable cacao plant medicine, sacred ceremonial herbs, and BioMat sessions. Our BioMat sessions include crystal healing technology, Far infrared heat, PEMF therapy, and red light photon therapy. These powerful sessions support pain, cellular restoration, detoxification, and deep relaxation producing a profound healing experience.

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Los Angeles