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We provide: Tarot Readings- advise on all matters of life & answers all your personal questions Reiki Healing- Distance and In - person Life Coaching- providing you the tools to continue on a path of success
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Samantha is a native of Montgomery, AL. At age 18 she left home, deciding to begin the process of finding her own way in the world. Her first stepping stone on this journey was joining and serving in the U.S. Navy. During that time she discovered many things about herself. The most important being how much she loved helping others. Every step she's taken since then has been about finding a way to be of service to others while at the same time being of service to herself. She graduated with both an Associates and Bachelors in Cybersecurity only to realize that, while she could do amazing things with it, it was not her true calling. It did not feed her soul. Having accomplished so much outside herself, she finally went completely within herself and took the time to innerstand how her soul truly wanted her to go forth in this world. Divine Intentions is the long awaited beginning of her fulfilling that desire to be of assistance to those ready to begin moving towards success within themselves and by extension the world around them.

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