Bedrock Living and Nutrition
Address: 33603
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Short Business Description: Nutritional Therapy, Aromatherapy, Customized Nutrition, Holistic Life Coaching and Reiki for Adults, Children and Pets.
Long Business Description:

Uniquely customized, all inclusive health assessments, a functional approach to holistic wellness. Mind. Body. Spirit. Focusing on Nutrition, Stress management, Sleep Hygiene, Environmental factors, and Energy Healing.

Business Website Address: http://www.bedrockliving.com
Business Phone Number: 813-597-7113
City/Town: Tampa
Between Father Sky & Mother Earth
Address: Postal – Suite 210, 45 Glenferrie Road, Malvern, VIC
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Short Business Description: Products and services that sustain you and the planet.
Reiki – education, treatments; Permaculture – education, consultation; Health Coaching and health; Wealth creation and health & eco friendly products.
Long Business Description:

“Products and services that sustain you and the planet.”
Reiki – education, treatments, swaps [Ormond, Melbourne] ; Permaculture – education, consultation, community group administrator [SE Melbourne] ; Health coaching – all aspects of lifestyle to support mind, body, spirit; Wealth creation – via DS a great new health product that is ethical and has the power to change lives on all levels; and health & eco friendly products.

Business Website Address: http://www.betweenskyandearth.com.au
Business Phone Number: 0438740112
City/Town: Melbourne
Your Practitioner
Address: 60647
Short Business Description: EYW focuses on using time-tested techniques to help individuals thrive.
Long Business Description:

EYW was formed based on experiences and lessons learned from not only my education but also my private practice. Using energy techniques learned over time I coach you to not only learn to heal yourself but also to gain clarity on who you are in the world.

Business Website Address: luisriverams.com
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City/Town: Chicago
Faith Reiki LA
Address: 91607
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Short Business Description: Reiki * Animal Reiki * Spiritual Response Therapy * Essential Oils
Long Business Description:

After discussing any physical, emotional, or mental concerns the client has, I will begin the session by muscle testing for a bespoke essential oil blend that will amplify the healing. I will also use Spiritual Response Therapy while they are relaxing on the table. SRT is similar to past life regression – without requiring anything from the client but their permission, I will clear away past or future life experiences in this dimension or others that are holding them back from experiencing the existence their heart desires! These three tools together create a powerful instrument for well-being. I am mobile and am happy to meet in the comfort of my client’s home within the LA area.

Also certified to work on animals! From cats and dogs to horses and chickens, animals can have the same blocks as people, and I have seen extraordinary results from just a thirty minute session. The SRT work is incredibly effective for our furry friends. Please feel free to email any questions!

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Healing Lotus Reiki Associates, LLC
Short Business Description: We offer short and long distance Reiki sessions, as well as additional resources on our website to support you on your wellness journey.
Long Business Description:

My journey has included the fundamentals of both Western medicine and Eastern spiritual philosophy. With 25+ years of mindfulness and intuitive-based experience deeply ingrained in me, I currently prefer to assist clients on their wellness journeys with ancient healing traditions. However, as a board-certified neurologist, I feel honored to be able to utilize my medical expertise to safely offer alternative methods of healing to those who seek a more inclusive healing experience. Through my offerings, I seek to combine my knowledge of neuroscience with my intuitive abilities to assist my clients in achieving optimal wellness of the mind, body, and spirit. I offer distance Reiki sessions to anyone all over the world. Feel free to check out my website to find additional resources, such as an informative blog, guided meditations (coming soon), and books to assist you in building your own library of supportive references.

Business Phone Number: 980-292-3385
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City/Town: Charlotte, NC
Holly’s Healthy Habits
Address: I am mobile-I will travel within the Austin or surrounding area. I would be willing to make a trip to Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio but there would be an additional fee of $100 and limited scheduling for this.
Business Category:
Short Business Description: I am a certified Holistic Health Coach and former NASM personal trainer. I have been trained and certified in Reiki up to the master level. I am also certified to perform Animal Reiki and I provide sessions in person or at a distance.
Long Business Description:

Like many of you I was looking for more in life. I knew I had a lot of healing and work to do on myself, so I began my journey. I became a health coach to heal myself from within. My doctors were all done listening and I was fed up with their lack of interest. I wanted to know what the root cause of my illnesses were, and why we weren’t addressing that, rather than addressing symptoms with one medication and causing more symptoms that lead to more medications. I sought out a Reiki session in my area with a man who took the time to tell me his story and how he had gotten into Reiki, it immediately sparked my interest! I was amazed that people could heal themselves and others with just a touch, so I researched to learn more. On a daily basis I speak to many clients who explain how they have tried everything to heal their aches or pain, but nothing has helped. Reiki for me is a way of life, I am honestly in love with this gift. All I have ever wanted to do in my life is help others, I wasn’t sure what that meant until I did my first Reiki session on a friend. Reiki has helped me heal personally in so many ways, so I would feel blessed to be a part of your journey.

Business Phone Number: 5123009101
City/Town: Austin
Just Breathe Health and Wellness
Address: 4249 St. Rt. 66
Business Category:
Short Business Description: Yoga & Wellness studio offering Reiki, Raindrop Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage and BioMat Therapy sessions.
Long Business Description:

Hello, I am a Registered Yoga teacher, Shinpiden Reiki Master in the Usui Ryoho lineage, Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner and licensed Health Coach offering holistic approaches to movement, breathing and life!

Business Phone Number: 419-501-2378
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City/Town: Minster
MoonFire Reiki
Address: 03440
Business Category:
Short Business Description: Reiki Therapies
Long Business Description:

Reiki Master/Teacher offering Reiki Therapies and Healing Sessions for Humans and Animals. Usui Reiki and Karuna Ki Reiki. Crystal Therapies using Reiki Grids. Distance – worldwide. In-Person at listed clinics in NH. See Website.

Business Website Address: http://www.moonfirereiki.com
City/Town: Antrim
Nadi Reiki
Short Business Description: Integral healing through Reiki
Long Business Description:

Hello! I’m Esteban, Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho and Reiki Kundalini Ujjvala Master, and I am here to help you.

We are energy. It is the core of our infinite being, which allows us to exist and to belong. An imbalance in our vital energy can become somatized, giving way to physical affections or emotional disorders, Reiki helps to recover that balance and provide a healthy and cheerful life that translates into absolute love.

I could help you with face-to-face and distance Reiki Sessions.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


Business Website Address: http://www.nadireiki.com
City/Town: Quito
Pure Reiki Wellness
Address: 12400 SE 38th Street Suite 201
Bellevue, Washington 98006

Business Category:
Short Business Description: Jamie is a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner and member of the International Reiki Organization empowering and guiding women to change their lives through transformational healing.
Long Business Description:

Empowering and guiding women to change their lives through transformational healing. Reiki is a simple yet effective, relaxation technique in conquering stress, anxiety, chronic illness and pain.

Jamie is a certified Reiki Master Practitioner and a registered member of the International Reiki Organization. She has been blessed to use Reiki in so many life-changing ways in her own life, including her healing journey from a disabling illness. It is her personal experience that has made her a believer in the power of Reiki and she is honored to be able to share the gift of Reiki with others on their own healing journey.

City/Town: Bellevue