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Serenity Reik for Animals & Human Companions
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As a Certified Reiki Animal Reiki Master I offer distant healing energy to promote relaxation, peace and well-being: the ideal conditions to support a strong self-healing process for you and your animal (s). Healing energy is offered to all types of animals, domestic or feral and is an ideal holistic therapy for them.
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Reiki healing energy knows no bounds, thus you & and your animal can receive the session from the comfort of your own home or wherever your animal is (i.e., barns, stable, pasture etc.). Since animals are sensitive especially for those that are shy, timid, recovering from surgery/illness or traumatized, distance sessions are ideal to ensure their comfort. Through a guided meditative session you will experience a deeper connection with your animal as well as witness how they choose to receive the healing energy that will address any imbalances on all levels - physical, spiritual and mental.

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