Sacral Chakra Life Coaching
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Welcome to the Sacral Chakra Life Coaching experience! Our goal is to help you re-imagine your life.

Trained in modalities that include Mindful Guided Imagery, Tarot, Reiki, Chakra Clearing and Toe Reading, we will serve you on your walk to Removing Obstacles – Stepping into Your Greatness and Releasing Shame are all ways that we that we serve you in to being in your bliss.

If you’d like to set up an appointment with us or get more information, please contact us via our website.

We look forward to sharing and walking with you.

~Sacral Chakra Life Coaching
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After being subjected to a childhood of sexual, physical, mental and emotional abuse, and then being kicked out of my home on my eighteenth birthday, I stepped into a life of confusion, anger, distrust and self-hate. From drugs to confusing sex for love, to making poor financial choices to even poorer relationship choices, my life was spiraling out of control.

Due to re-framing, I accepted that the difficult things in my past, regardless to how ugly, were to prepare me first-hand to help others turn obstacles in to opportunities.

With a formal education, holistic healing, meditation, martial arts, determination, learning to love me, giving myself time and being patient with myself, I was able to place the past on a shelf where it belonged and step into the NOW, into my GREATNESS.

Because of my past, the lessons learned, the growth, the awareness and insight, I am able to honor where you ware in your life and sit, without judgment, holding space, as we walk side my side, leading you toward YOUR GREATNESS!

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