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You may have heard the saying – don’t put all your eggs in the same basket. This idea of diversification, from finances to expectations can ensure that you are open and able to adapt to all situations. This is no different with your Reiki practice. With diversification, your Reiki business is more prepared to weather all shifts in your life and the world.

We have seen practitioners with solid in person Reiki practices, who never took the time to build their online presence. Some are now finding themselves out of work, while those who diversified, are able to continue to practice with a slight pivot. Where are you along that spectrum?

What does diversification look like in a Reiki practice? It means being able to provide your services in a variety of formats. Ideally, you already have an online presence you have been cultivating to attract new clients as well as continue to connect with your existing clients.

In – Person and Distance Work
You should have a variety of ways you offer your sessions and courses – in person, online and in group settings.

Products (informational and/or physical)
You need to have products as a part of your offers. Your products can be informational like a pdf or book you have created. They can be meditations, or guided sessions. The key with your products is that they are available even if you are not working.

If you are not feeling confident or have the time to create your own products right now, you can align with a product that aligns with the goals of your sessions. You could then become an affiliate, or distributor.

In the end, your focus is on helping people by sharing your gifts. The world needs you, so you need to make sure you have your business set up in a way that supports you so you can continue to share, no matter what is happening in your life and the world.

If this all seems like too much, just take it one step at a time. Start by deciding how you want to offer your sessions or courses online. In our Member’s Area, we have tools we recommend you explore from scheduling software, to recording options.

Strengthen Your Online Presence
Then, start to spend energy and time building your online presence. Our training will help you decide which platform is best for you and then provide step-by step training for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

From there, you will start to attract new clients and get a feel for the way you best connect and share online. Believe it or not, you will find a happy place for your practice in this current time.

Thank you for sharing your light with the world.

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