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As a Reiki Master trained from the original Reiki Alliance foundations that were my lineage, I always found it difficult to find a place with the ability to freely speak my thoughts and practices in regard to Reiki. The International Reiki Organization is a place that really does honour the 5 Reiki Principles as set out by Mikao Usui.

The International Reiki Organization recognizes other branches of Reiki that also need a home, it also recognizes that as the world changes and Reiki changes (it always has from Master to Master since Usui) we all need to have a space that encourages our Reiki journey and Reiki growth as individuals who also observe the Reiki traditions but also wish to keep evolving alongside Reiki.

The International Reiki Organization is the pioneer and trail blazer in a true sense of uniting everyone in the Reiki world & family. The IRO (International Reki Organization) is the Future of all Reiki organizations and the future is now. I am very pleased to endorse it and be an active part of it.

I love being part of IRO. I have made valuable relationships to Reiki professionals worldwide. I highly recommend this membership!!



I am so honored to now be a member of the International Reiki Organization, the website is loaded with so much information, education, business start up and so much more. If you are looking to become a member I highly recommend it. - Debby Burrows

I am privileged to be part of IRO and it’s great for anyone from Reiki Master to Student. Here you can find support, help and resources and be up to date with your studies. - Daiva Dugnas

I am thrilled to not only be a member but also to be able to network with other professionals. - Dedi Herold Boyer

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