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Using the Moon Cycles as You Grow Your Reiki Business.

As an entrepreneur, you may have tried to push through and keep hustling even when your body and mind are crying out for rest. The idea that we need to…
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Bookkeeping 101: For Reiki Practitioners Who are Scared of Numbers

Are you one of those practitioners who hates looking at their bank statements? Have no fear: you’re not alone. Money is a huge stressor for many Reiki practitioners and business…
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21 Ways to Grow Your Reiki Practice

In order for your Reiki business to be a success, you need to grow your reach. After all, the more people who see your name, read your blog posts, and…
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Diversifying Your Practice – A Must

You may have heard the saying – don’t put all your eggs in the same basket. This idea of diversification, from finances to expectations can ensure that you are open…
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The Power of a Reiki Community

How Community Can Help Your Reiki Practice

How Community Can Help Your Reiki Practice Energy practitioners can be quite solitary beings. This may be a result of choosing the path less traveled or simply that the focus…
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How to handle Reiki clients that do not show up for their appointment.

Client No-Shows: How to Avoid Them (and Healing Yourself First)

That frustrating feeling when your client doesn’t show – and then you put in the effort to contact them and they want to schedule. That feeling. Client no-shows can be…
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