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Cosmic Reiki LA : A Group Reiki Experience

Hey everyone, Cosmic Reiki LA is back at it again with the hottest reiki events in Los Angeles. We are hosting our first event ! Cosmic Reiki LA is having a group reiki share. We are looking to support the community by bringing together certified reiki practitioners and energy workers to uplift and heal. Bring…

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Empower You Workshop

Join Daelin at The Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre. At this facility you can go for a walk with breathtaking views, canoe, snow shoe and appreciate nature. You can also visit a number of beautiful raptors and reptiles who call the Wye Marsh home because they are un-releasable. Once a month Daelin will hold events at…

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New Moon Reiki Infused Meditation & Yoga

Reiki Attunement Level 1 Midland

Anything you do three days before and three days after a new moon is amplified by 7. Centre and ground yourself with Reiki Sage and let the new moon amplify a powerful intention for the evolution of your soul. This 5 hour session includes a workshop, yoga instruction, meditation instruction, fire ceremony (weather dependent) and…

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Energy Healing Mini-Sessions

Angle Energy Healing Logo

Are you curious about Energy Healing and how it might benefit you but aren’t sure you want a full session? Need a quick chakric tune-up? Sign up for an Energy Healing Mini-Session at the Natural Health Center! It’s a much-abbreviated version of a full session with me as it’s 15 minutes on the table with…

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11 Things to Consider When Starting Your Reiki Practice

11 Things to Consider When Starting Your Reiki Practice How exciting is it when you’re considering starting your own professional Reiki practice or you’re ready to take the next step to help your existing practice grow. To help you ensure that you create a practice that is not only successful and thriving, but allows you…

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Turn Your Calling into a Career as a Reiki Practitioner

Turn Your Calling into a Career Are you a free spirit who is micro-managed at work, tied to your desk, wanting to make their life worthwhile? Have you been told that you have a natural ability to work with energy? What if you could choose when and where you worked, were your own boss, and…

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Choosing a Reiki Association: 8 Questions to Ask

Choosing a Reiki Association: 8 Questions to Ask You are completing or have completed your Reiki certification and are excited to start your Reiki practice. Where do you begin? Although joining a Reiki association isn’t a requirement to start your practice as a professional Reiki practitioner, there are some benefits that an association can provide…

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